Editorial: Elect the right person for SGA

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The Griffon News does not endorse any candidate in the 2012 SGA election. Instead, we want you to read our front page and make an informed decision about who you are going to vote for.

You may not think you care, and you may not think that this election matters, but, in actuality, it does. The winner of this election will lead an organization that manages half a million dollars of your money.

In addition to how much money SGA has, the elected official will also represent us in front of administration and to the community. While you may have heard their motto before, they are the voice of the student body. If this person is in charge of how your voice is bellowed, shouldn’t you at least know who they are and what they stand for?

The President of SGA is a spearhead of new policy and innovative ideas for the student body and SGA. They don’t just represent us to administration, but they will represent us to students at our university and others.

The SGA President should be the best of the best of us. They shouldn’t just have a high GPA and be involved with lots of extracurricular activities. They should also know the students and be plugged into the network of the student body. While managing the Association itself is an important part of the President’s job, interacting with prominent leaders and students on campus is important too.

No doubt, the job of SGA president is important and full of serious responsibility. With more turbulent times ahead for Western, SGA and its president will play an even bigger role in the development of the university.

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