Curry off bench after disciplinary suspension

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After a two-game suspension, Ashleigh Curry and Charlonda Bozeman were back on the court to contribute to a Western win Monday night.

On January 21 at 10:28 p.m., Western basketball player Ashleigh Curry, was arrested for a misdemeanor of supplying alcohol to a minor. The Western guard had apparently rented out Callison Hall for a back-to-school party, which had been advertised on and off campus via flyers.

Ashleigh Curry, Western Women's Basketball guard

In an earlier article written by the St. Joseph News-Press, reader comments alleged that Curry had given alcohol to minors. Other comments suggested that she was a victim of poor circumstances, that minors drank prior to walking into the Callison Hall. Amid these comments were those who were calling for her removal from the women’s basketball team.

Western Athletic Director Kurt McGuffin said that since Curry hasn’t appeared in court yet and that the charge is a misdemeanor, McGuffin wanted to be fair and consistent with the athletic department’s disciplinary actions. He also said that in situations like these, expulsion form the team is always considered.

“I think any time one of our student athletes makes a wrong decision we’re going to consider that part of it,” McGuffin said.

Curry has previous encounters with the law. In March of 2008, Curry was cited for a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. Ten days later she was cited for identity theft.

McGuffin said that when deciding disciplinary action, these past citations were considered. With these actions, McGuffin aims for consistency and follows a three-strike policy, but feels that Curry has not struck out.

“We had to make it known that we weren’t going to put up with that kind of infraction and bad decision,” McGuffin said.

As well as being suspended, Head Coach Lynn Plett and McGuffin have applied other in-house disciplinary actions. Neither Plett nor McGuffin said they could go into detail on these actions and prefer to keep it within the team so they can protect the privacy of Curry.

Last semester, Curry had some eligibility issues with the NCAA concerning her short time with Livin’ the Dream which was believed to had compromised her amateur status. Despite the time that Plett and McGuffin spent working out these issues, neither of them regrets their decision to fight for her play-time for Western.

“[She’s] a very viable individual, I think, and she’s working very hard in her degree,” Plett said.

Curry declined to comment since the situation is not over.

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