Conservative students join together

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Missouri Western is about to get a political mixture for students to choose from. In 2010, the University Democrats were formed, and now students are working to create the College Republicans.

Travis Hart, president of college republicans, believed it was time to give students the opportunity to choose a student group that fits their political preference. This past year the University Democrats have been able to recruit, fundraise and be a voice in the political arena for students on campus.

“We are here to promote the conservative message, in order to help elect Republicans running for office,” Hart said. “The college democrats were rather unopposed by a different group with different views.”

Nicholas Brothers, a member of University Democrats, believes it is a great thing to have a wide diversity of opinions. He said he hopes the two organizations do not have to be rivals merely because of party affiliation.

“Maybe we should in fact reject that and start building ties now, to prevent things like the gridlock we see in Washington today from continuing into the future,” Brothers said. “Hopefully MoWest Democrats and MoWest Republicans will have a chance to partner together during this election year for registration drives, panel discussions and the like.”

According to Sterling Fichter, it was time that organization was brought to Western. He said he tried to start the group back in the fall semester, but with his schedule was unable to achieve his goal. The goal now is to promote the organization to conservative students on campus.

“To enlighten, inform, and discuss the current political issues of the day with other like-minded students,” Fichter said, “and to grow the size and reach of our group and its influence.”

Hart said he has two congressmen and the mayor of St. Joseph committed to come and speak to the organization. He believes it will be very beneficial to have these speakers come to campus and speak to students.

Hart is looking toward the future to get significant name politicians to campus.

“I am confident that I can get Sam Graves to come and speak at Missouri Western,” Hart said.” I would also like to see U.S. Senator Roy Blunt and Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder come to campus and be guest speakers.”

The college republicans are looking at 2012 as a new beginning and are hopeful they can make a change. Hart’s main goal going into the election is to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

“We are hoping to have more structure than other groups on campus,” Hart said. “Maybe they won’t even agree with us, but it’s good to have this group on campus and to finally see a conservative view for students.”

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