Bumpy start for SGA this Spring Semester

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The Student Government Association lost three top executive members at the end of last semester, but has already filled those positions.

The offices of WAC Vice President, Director of Finance and Director of Communications were filled as of this week. Robin Ussher resigned from WAC Vice President to further her education and Vice Chair Lauren Dillon took her position. Brittany Edwards will take the office of Director of Communications and Taylor Kram will become the Director of Finance.

Norris believes that Kram is just as qualified as her predecessor, Nick McCutcheon.

“She is a very intelligent woman,” Norris said. “She is very good with budgets, which is why homecoming was so good this year.”

After Constitutional changes last spring, SGA changed the GPA requirements for certain officers. The GPA requirement has risen from 2.5 to a 3.0 to be WAC Vice President or Vice Chair.

“Robin Ussher was grandfathered in, and was elected by the student body for this position,” Norris said. “The requirement when she ran was a 2.5 GPA.”

Sebastian Smith, Entertainment Director for WAC, believes the new GPA requirement is too high.

“I feel that they are hurting the organization by raising the GPA requirement,” Smith said. “It’s a high benchmark to set.”

The WAC Vice Chair, Lauren Dillon was moved up to the position of Vice President, which meant her position was open. However, Smith was not qualified for the position because he didn’t meet the GPA requirements.

Smith believes that the 2.5 was a good benchmark, and the organization would have opened itself to a lot more students in the bench pool instead of a 3.0.

“Academics are the main reason we are here, but the GPA requirement shouldn’t be the main focus,” Smith said. “You want the person who will do the best job for the organization.”

Though Smith didn’t qualify for Dillion’s position, he continued to serve in his previous position as the Director of Entertainment for WAC.

“I struggled with math, which brought my GPA down, but I passed,” Smith said. “I have a 2.8 GPA.”

According to Dillon, it’s time for the organization to get to work.

“We need to make sure we stay on schedule,” Dillon said.“The organization has changes in positions, it’s hard to stay on track, but we are doing pretty well.”

The organization is still planning and creating new events for the student body. Though the GPA standard for officer positions could create problems in the future, everything is running smoothly.

“The main goal is to get back on track,” Dillon said.

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