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Student Nick Brewer was assigned to do a statistical study on what kind of shampoo and conditioner women used in the shower. His results showed one woman saying Dove and another saying Neutrogena. However, Brewer said the other 98 women were very rude to him, most of them replying “Why are you in my shower?!”

No, Brewer isn’t a pervert, and he was never assigned this research project. He did, on the other hand, come up with this joke after working an internship that had him doing statistical studies last summer.

Brewer, who often rides his long board around campus with skull candy headphones around his neck while sporting an Oscar the Grouch hat, attends Missouri Western, and comedy is his thing.

This Tae Kwon Do red belt is constantly writing jokes by jotting down any sort of topics in his phone and creating stories out of them.

“Have you ever heard the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words?’ Well I take those words and switch them around into a story. So a picture is also worth a story,” Brewer said.

This saying is a creative way Brewer forms his jokes. So instead of writing dull statuses on Facebook, he entertains his friends with his brain.

Brewer has even moved past Facebook by standing up on stage and projecting his material. This St. Louis, Mo., native has done standup all over St. Louis, been a part of open mic nights at Café Acoustic and has performed at the Kansas City Improv.

“He impressed me right off the bat,” friend and comedian Nick Ford said. “He’s very energetic, and I like his misleading humor. He could be going one way with a joke and then veer completely left.”

Ford, along with Demitri Martin and Maria Bamford, is one of Brewer’s favorite comedians who also performs stand up in the St. Joe area. These comedians have influenced Brewer’s style of comedy since he was 16 years old.

Brewer was homeschooled for eight years, so in high school, Brewer decided to come out of his shell by running for class president. He had to beat out the most popular kid in school, John Flow (who Brewer wouldn’t be surprised if Flow wasn’t an Abercrombie & Fitch model currently), so he knew he had to write a pretty spectacular speech.

Brewer ended up losing the election by six votes; yet in the end, he won by meeting a lot of new people and gained confidence in his comedic touch.

Now, according to student Kathleen Chow, Brewer is the opposite of an introvert.

“(Nick) is never afraid to meet new people,” Chow said. “Where other people would be intimidated, he just leaps over invisible boundaries and presents himself to the world with the goofiest smile I have ever seen.”


Being an extrovert is desirable in the business world, which is right up Brewer’s alley because he is an economic major. Currently enrolled in Chinese II, Brewer plans to go to China in May.


“If I can speak Chinese and English, I can communicate with 83% of the world’s population,” Brewer said.

In the future, he can see himself teaching Chinese students English and economics along with teaching American students Chinese business.


But for now, he is sticking to school and standup. However, Brewer doesn’t want to “put all of his eggs in one basket,” so if comedy doesn’t work out for him, he understands the process through economics.


“There’s a large supply of comics, but a limited demand, so the equilibrium point, or price, is relatively low,” Brewer said.

While Brewer is not sure which path he is going to take, Ford is optimistic about Brewer’s comedy.

“I’m really excited to see what else he’s going to do in the future.”


******* extra joke : “I can solve the starving Africans problem and the pet overpopulation problem with one boat.”

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