Beyers runs on platform of ‘change’

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The Griffon News apologizes for misspelling candidate Beyers’ first name in the original posting of this online article and in print. The error has been corrected below. 

“Change” is the slogan and goal for SGA president candidate Cody Beyers and running mate Kelsey Samenus as both are hoping that their inexperience with SGA will ultimately change things up for the student government elections.

Beyers hopes his inexperience with SGA will appeal to students. Photo by Jason Brown.

“I was looking at the budget plan and I noticed student government has a $7,520 operational cost, which is up $1,520 from last year,” Beyers said.  “With that, they’ve done things like buy new furniture for themselves. None of this has to be passed through student government. I want to take money out of these over-inflated budgets that don’t give money back to the students. With more money for on-campus and off-campus activities, students will be happier and it will make them want to get involved.”

Currently the Samenus and Beyers duo has been meeting with organizations and trying to find out how to provide more activities and programs for students. Beyers said their main emphasis is face time with the students.

“If elected I want it so that students are seeing results,” Beyers said. “I want to push things through and get more done then what is being done now. If at the end of the year the students aren’t happy with the results, I’m going to take the amount that students pay, which is $50 every semester, and we are going to take it to a student vote and try to get it lowered. “

Beyers and Samenus’ campaign manager Noah Green feels that students should stand behind their message of change and bettering students financially. Beyers, Samenus and Green have been all working on team campaigning and marketing plans for nearly two months.

“These guys are out here working as hard as anybody can work meeting students, talking to students, talking to organizations and doing their homework as far as SGA goes,” Green said. “I am very familiar with the organization; that kind of helps in preparation.”

Green also feels that it’s time for someone new to take the reigns, rather then Scott’s team.

“You have all this money sitting here,” Green said. “It’s $50 a semester per student, and you really provide them with about $10 a semester worth of services to what they actually get back. If you don’t vote for Cody and Kelsey, then you’re, in essence, voting for the same. What student government needs is not an insider. We’ve seen how well that’s been working.”

The team’s goals include filling Senate, lowering student fees and making more students aware of what SGA can do for them.  SGA Vice Presidential candidate Samenus addresses her main goals of bettering the campus.

“I just want to be a voice for the students,” Samenus said. “Talking to Cody, he had great ideas. He is very motivated and determined to change a few things here on campus having to do with the student government. I want to change the parking, school spirit, and campus involvement; hopefully getting more people here on campus, keeping them here on the weekends.”

When addressing concerns about the other SGA candidates, neither Beyers nor Green are worried about their lack of experience due to not currently being a part of SGA.

“If we are going to bring experience in the question, is it really fair to say he is the more experienced one?” Green asked about Scott. “He personally has been working in the office for a year and a half.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s bad experience. He hasn’t been effective. He is in charge of the Senate, and they can’t get a full Senate.”

Beyers also feels that as President he will take responsibility and attempt to make his team supersede the goals accomplished by the current presidential team.

“I don’t know Alison on a personal basis,” Beyers said. “I can’t say anything bad about her. The couple times I have been into her office, she has been working on getting her wedding plans, which is totally fine. It’s a big deal. But I think there’s other places to do that then in your student government office.”

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