Winter clothes to the Maxx

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Western has been lucky to have unseasonably warm weather this fall, but unfortunately old man winter is right around the corner. It’s time to trade in those flip flops and shorts for snow boots and a warm winter coat.

With cold, wet weather in the forecast, students need to dig out those warm clothes in preparation.  For those students who don’t have any cold weather clothes, here are a few suggestions on where to shop for some.

Located at the Shoppes at North Village in St. Joseph is a T.J.Maxx department store.  It is a perfect place to pick up name brand clothing for a fraction of the price.  A coat that may be a J.C. Penney for $150 could be  at T.J.Maxx for $75.  The same goes for all of their clothing.  Cold weather socks at Foot Locker are $12 for three pairs; the exact same socks are at T.J.Maxx for $5.  T.J.Maxx is one of the cheapest stores in town, offering a wide selection on discounted name brand clothing.  So check out T.J.Maxx if you want quality products at lower cost.  As college students we all can stand to save some money.

Missouri Western student Steve Belding says he prefers J.C. Penney and Dillard’s because they tailor to his needs.

“Since I need to shop for Big and Tall I usually try Penney’s and Dillard’s first,” Belding said. “Their Big and Tall sections usually have nice looking things.”

Gordmans is another department store that has a wide selection of winter clothing.  It opened this year in the East Hills Mall, and is loaded with clothing for everyone.  They have a wide selection of women’s warm boots under $30.  This is a pretty good deal, considering the cheapest boots at Dillard’s department store are over $50.  Yes, the ones at Dillard’s may be a better name brand, but no one will notice the tiny little emblem stating what brand they are while you’re trudging through the snow.  All you should be concerned about is if they are keeping your feet warm without breaking the bank.  Gordmans also has a huge sale on warm clothes right now, and a lot of stuff is buy one get one half off.

Those of you looking for some extreme cold weather gear need to visit The Duffel Bag, located in historic downtown St. Joseph.  They offer military grade clothing from armed forces all over the world.  If you want an authentic Russian fur coat or a Russian ushanka, you’ll find it there.  You want some of the highly sought after Austrian military clothing, you’ll find it here.  The Duffel Bag has tons of military grade long underwear, gloves and extreme cold weather Gore-Tex.  The clothing they sell at the Duffel Bag is pennies on the dollar compared to what it cost soldiers new at a PX.

Bill Field, the owner of the Duffel Bag and retired Army veteran, says if it was made by the military it’s usually very good stuff.

“You can find about anything warm down here, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman,” Field said.  “We get different stuff in here every week, so be sure to stop in and browse our goods.”

St. Joseph resident Jesse Cline shops at the Duffel Bag quite often for all sorts of things.  He loves the store and always finds a good deal.

“I come here to get high quality clothing for a fraction of the price,” Cline said.  “The gloves, socks and long underwear a better quality than anything you will find at a department store.”

If you need some warm clothes this winter, definitely shop around.  Don’t just run into a popular department store and buy something because it’s name brand. Even if that’s what you want to do, check T.J.Maxx first because chances are they will have the same product at a lower price.  Don’t be afraid to stop in at the Duffel Bag and take a look around. Just because it’s military doesn’t mean it is not stylish.  What it does mean is that it is quality and will keep you from shivering in the next couple of months.

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