The Cross Reference: The night before

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It’s the night before the big trip. I’m going to the presidential debates in South Carolina to cover the event for the Tea Party. I’ll also be there for the primary.

I filled out the clearance information for CNN a couple of weeks ago and got the word last Sunday that I have been cleared to attend. Look for me in the crowd during the program which will be broadcast live from 8 p.m. till ten p.m. EST tomorrow January 19th on CNN and

I plan to keep everyone at Missouri Western informed about my trip by posting these little stories so follow me on to see how things go.

I have to get up at four in the morning to take the red eye to Chicago and after an hour and a half layover I’ll be headed to Charleston South Carolina to be in the midst of presidential candidates and all that goes with it.

For now I need to get to bed.

Talk to you soon.

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