the Cross Reference (on the road)


I just left the CNN Southern Republican Presidential Debate in the North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston South Carolina. People who have been following me on this adventure of the Cross Reference (on the road) know that I took the trip because I have an internship with the Tea Party. It’s been great. Many of the emails I have received are asking who I think won the debate.

If you watched the debate you already know that we witnessed four polished professional speakers and masters of debate. Big deal. Each had many points in the debate that I can agree with. I wish I could take the parts I like from each of them and make for myself the best candidate ever.

Let’s get to the background of the day. First, the stage for these debates had five lecterns this morning and four tonight after Governor Perry dropped. Second, we find that Rick Santorum won the Iowa primary. Santorum had a great night at the debates. Third item, Newt Gingrich’s x-wife is reporting that he asked her for an open marriage while they were married. I don’t believe her story for a minute. Ask any married man. We may think we want an open marriage but we don’t ever ask the wife for permission.

Mitt Romney did well tonight and probably held his lead. He is far to moderate for me. He was forced to explain the difference between his healthcare plan for Massachusetts and Obama care. There isn’t much difference so it shouldn’t have taken near as long as it did.

Then, to the shame of CNN, Ron Paul who practiced medicine for years was overlooked on most responses, even those dealing directly with healthcare.

So, who won? It’s my hope that you the voter won. You were given an opportunity to watch the republican candidates as they attack each other and the president. How much is real? How much is true? It is up to us to find out. If you are looking for me to make up my mind so you can vote the same or opposite because you either think I’m either cool or not, your doing it wrong.

These debates seldom have a clear winner. It is as it always has been. You must get involved and understand the candidates and the issues that are important to you.

It’s possible that these debates, full of displays and posturing, will someday be unnecessary if people begin to get involved and participate in their government. Being there reminded me of the Coliseum in Rome. I watched as these would-be gladiators tore each other’s ideas and policies apart. Sometimes it wasn’t pretty.

There needs to be a better way for candidates to discuss ideas in a more constructive way. There are perks to doing things this way however, I had drinks with Gingrich’s brother. I’ll write more on that later.

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