Rediscovering the Joy of Movement

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All-star athletes come from all walks of life. At Missouri Western, they can even be found in the form of our professors. Dr. Edwin Taylor, assistant professor of Political Science since August of 2010, will be participating in an upcoming marathon.

“Actually, I ran my first [marathon] in November,” Taylor said. “I never intended to run a marathon. The thing about running is you start and it’s an ongoing challenge.”

The marathon will take place April 30 in Eugene, Oregon. He said he is really geared up for this one, because it is in the town where he did his graduate work. Taylor got his start at a gym in Portland, Oregon, in 2009.

“It just sort of built upon itself,” Taylor said. “I was to the point where I was running a mile, and then it was two miles, and then I thought well maybe I can run a 5K, which is three miles. Then I ran a 10K, which is six miles. And if I can run six miles, maybe I can run ten miles. It just creeps up on you.”

Taylor said he uses Nike’s six month marathon training course on his iPhone. With this app he can train whenever and wherever he wants.

“It consists of essentially building up endurance for long runs,” Taylor said.

Taylor has even spoken to his students about his imminent departure for the Oregon marathon. Lauren Crabtree is a student in one of Taylor’s courses. Crabtree said he talks about the training in class, and she thinks it is really cool.

“I’d do it too if I was in shape,” Crabtree said.

For students looking to take up running, Taylor had some advice to give.

“Start slow, and pay attention to your form,” Taylor said. “Running is a sport with a high injury rate.”

Despite this warning, Taylor does encourage everyone to try out running. He said there are several rewards in it along with the challenges.

“One is rediscovering the joy of movement,” Taylor said. “And thinking about what we can do, pushing ourselves, taking on new challenges. Talk about it; tell people what you’re doing. And of course eat healthy and get lots of sleep. Those would be my words of wisdom.”

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