Professors display passion for Art in Biennial Faculty Exhibition

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Art Professors at MWSU are not only great instructors, but they are also very talented and passionate artists as well. As of January 20, 2012, MWSU Art departments have opened up their Biennial Faculty Exhibition that shows off some of the very unique art work that some of our art professors have completed and put on display. A total of 10 professors have displayed their exclusive art around the gallery. According to Dr. Allison Sauls, the exhibit is an opportunity for students to see what a professional artist does. “The Exhibit shows students what artist do every day,” Dr. Sauls said. As Chairperson of the Art department, it is her job to manage the operation of the art department so it runs smoothly. “I am the CEO of the department,” Dr. Sauls said. “I talk to the faculty and take their concerns to the Dean. Then I talk to the Dean and take his concerns to the faculty”. Dr. Sauls, who also teaches Art History on campus, feels that all students and Departments on campus should come out and be supportive of the Art Gallery.
Geo Sipp, the Associate Professor of art, feels that art is something that all professors love to do. “All professors practice art,” Sipp said. “All artists want to share their art. Being creative is part of who we are”. Sipp went on by saying that students should come out and enjoy the art that they see their professor take part in. “It’s important to see their professor do art”, Sipp said. He made it known that showing your art to students is as important as teaching them. “Exhibiting is as important as teaching”, Sipp said. He ended by acknowledging and complimenting the talented work of fellow professor David Harris who is known for his Ceramics and Drawing. While speaking to Harris, he showed that he was very passionate about his art and as an artist he always feels the need to make new art every day. “I am possessed to make new things,” Harris said. The ceramic professor hinted that the passion that artists have for their art is in many ways similar to the passion that any athlete has for the sports that he or she participates in. “It’s just like any other athlete who wants to show their talents”., Harris said. When an artist has talents like the talented David Harris, he or she wants to show that to everyone. In Harris case, he wants to show the entire MWSU community of his talents.
All the artists, including Dr. Sauls convey the impression that they are very passionate about what they do. They put forth the effort and more importantly, the time to create such marvelous work. Harris talked about how as an artist you have to sacrifice time to do something that you love. In his case, Christmas break became the chance for him put a little bit of time and passion in his art while others enjoyed their full month off. “While others are out playing and having fun on break, I’m doing art”, Harris said. Through February 16, the gallery is open for everyone on and off campus. The Gallery is free and the hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a. m to 4:30, with the 16th of February being the last day. Come out and support the professors who have put in much time to display their passion for Art.

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