‘Lantern’ lights the way with sci-fi

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Fading in and out of comic culture throughout the years, “The Green Lantern” has definitely come a long way since its 1940 DC Comics debut.

Released by Warner Bros. in June 2011, “The Green Lantern” stars actors Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard. Reynolds plays fighter pilot Hal Jordan, who is also the Green Lantern. With the inherited power of the “lanterns,” Jordan becomes one of many Green Lanterns united to protect the 3,600 sectors of the universe. A growing evil, called the Parallax, sweeps from universe to universe, engulfing planets. Together the “Lanterns” must find a way to destroy it before all existence is lost.

Lively plays Carol Ferris, vice president of Ferris Aircraft and boss to Jordan. Lively (“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” “The Town”) is undoubtedly cast based on her looks, but her acting is as equally glowing as her beauty. Lively and Reynolds’ characters clearly have a romantic connection going on. Lively plays her part in the film well by portraying a smart, professional woman as well as the damsel in distress.

Sarsgaard (“Shattered Glass,” “Jarhead”) plays the role of scientist Hector Hammond. After becoming infected by the Parallax, Hammond turns into a mutant with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Unfortunately for the Green Lantern, Sarsgaard’s character also seeks the affection of the stunning Ferris. Sarsgaard does a decent job portraying a villain in the film, but his performance is nothing extraordinary.

Given Reynolds’ success in comedies (“Waiting,” “The Proposal”), he falls short in humor in this film. However, what the film lacks in comedy, it makes up for it in special effects and action. The action in the film relies heavily on mind-blowing special effects that satisfy the senses and get the adrenaline pumping. This is no surprise coming from director Martin Campbell, who directed such action packed movies as “Golden Eye,” “Vertical Limit” and “Casino Royal.”

It’s hard to believe Reynolds as a superhero, but he pulls off playing the Green Lantern with great success, even going as far as getting in top physical shape. It would be hard to forget Reynolds’ Green Lantern character.

You do not have to be a comic fan or sci-fi fan to enjoy this film. The movie has great qualities, like action and romance that are necessary pieces in order to make up a good film. Every guy likes epic battles and things blowing up, which this movies has lots of, just as every woman likes a good bit of romance and a strapping hero to save the day.

This film isn’t necessarily a definite “must-see,” nor can I say that I am excited for a potential sequel, but I did find it very entertaining. Despite poor gross earnings in theaters and poor reviews from professional movie critics, the movie is definitely worth renting if you are in the mood for some sci-fi action and romance.

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