Duncan “Jetman” Miller

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Funny, musically talented and not afraid to shake his butt, Duncan “Jetman” Miller is one of the most outrageously entertaining students at Missouri Western.

Miller, a freshman music education major, has a huge, outgoing personality that fuels his energy and passion for music and performance. Miller is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. He sometimes speaks with a very convincing British accent for fun and to show off the fact that he’s half British.

Students may have seen Miller performing in the percussion pit during one of Western’s football halftime shows. He is the one with the stylish, crazy afro, and  he is usually doing a dance that would make even Michael Jackson blush. He is hard to miss.

“The people at the games really get me pumped up,” Miller said. “I love Missouri Western and believe it is the best college in Missouri. Griffon Power!”

Miller has been a musician since the 6th grade. He graduated from North Kansas City High School in 2011. He plays drums, bells and tambourine. Miller said he first came to Western in 2008 for a Democratic function and immediately fell in love with the university. With his outgoing personality, Miller has probably already made friends with half the students on campus. It seems everyone knows who Miller is.

Western student Lauren Rhodes has become good friends with Miller this semester. They often eat lunch together and talk or joke around about Miller’s favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

“He is such a fun character to be around,” Rhodes said. “He is always telling jokes or talking about a funny YouTube video.”

When he is not with friends, he can be found on the football field. Mike Swope, a Western football fan, said he has seen Miller perform during the home games this year. Swope said he feels that the Golden Griffon Marching Band, along with Miller’s standout antics, really gets the crowd fired up and into the game.

“My 88-year-old grandma loves him,” Swope said. “She usually only goes to one warm weather football game a year, but she has been to every game with me so far; she really enjoys the Western halftime shows.”

Miller has aspirations of becoming a touring musician after he graduates. He has working on his singing and hopes to either sing or play drums in a band. Miller says he doesn’t have any hobbies, but several interests.

“Hobbies cost money,” Miller said. “Interests are free.”

According to Miller, he picked up the nickname “Jetman” in high school during the cross country season. Miller loves the nickname, wants to take it from a casual nickname to something more formal.

“It’s going to be my new middle name when I graduate,” he said.

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