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Career Fair

The Career Fair took place in Spratt Hall on Thursday March 3. Both students and employers were looking to move forward.
Seeming as though the conference room was split down the middle, with businesses on the left and nearly every Kansas City and Metro are police force on the right, the career fair easily looked to help the criminal justice majors out more substantially.
Boehringer Ingelheim attended the conference to try and get graduates interested in the company.

“We are hiring nearly 40 positions with a wide variety of openings,” Heidi Stock, the spokesperson for the company, said. “We are looking for business personnel to scientist. This isn’t our first time coming to the career fair. Boehringer Ingelheim is definitely an international company, but we really like to give back to the St. Joseph community and to students who attended Missouri Western.”
Many of the vendors saw it as a poor to moderate turnout at the fair, but some of the students thought the students that did attend may have been unprepared or even inadequate for the positions being offered.

“The students really looking for jobs need to step their game up and dress to impress their future employers,” Zach Slater, a student who attended the career fair, said. “In the future students should not show up in jeans and t-shirts to a career fair.”
The St. Joseph Mustangs baseball team also had a booth up at the fair, strictly looking for interns to help with the summer program.

“We are looking to hire about 10-15 interns to help out with the team throughout the course of the season,” an intern with the team, Jenna Haecker, said. “We are not paying, but any student who is graduating or getting ready to graduate should really look into this. It is a great way to get experience in a low stress level setting and just to have some fun. The students who showed up for the career fair are exactly what we are looking for. We have seen some good resumes and the students seem eager and interested for the internships.”
Lexie Humphrey is the people services specialist for Accent Marketing, she believes the fair had a poor turnout and needs more promotional support from the college.
“I remember coming to this career fair when I was a senior, and I expected a lot more out of it than what I got, but it is a good way for these companies to get their name out there and grab some students who need that internship. It’s also a good way for the students to learn some things before going out into the real world and get shot down because they did not come ready.”

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