Buy textbooks for less


Nothing pisses me off more than when you go to the bookstore at the beginning of each semester to buy or rent textbooks. I get excited to sign up for the classes and you think about the wonderful things you will learn while taking the class, but then you forget the price tag. College text books are rising in price higher and higher each semester it seems like. Just last Spring I was taking a beginner Spanish class, where you have to buy not only the book, but the program for the computer. You would think that a class that is done online most of the time would be cheaper, but think again.

My book alone was over $200, and then you have to buy the program for the computer. So all together I’m sure I spent around $250 bucks. This is ridiculous for one class that has nothing to do with my degree. However, spending $200 on a book does make me upset, but it isn’t as bad as when you go and return the book. It’s funny, you would think if you spent $200 on a book, that you would get at least $100 back. Well, that would be the case if they weren’t changing the book for the next semester. My Vista Spanish book was brand new, and was only used for one semester. So when I went to return the book to the bookstore, they told me they weren’t taking them back.

I spent over $250 overall on this one class, and get nothing back in return. It makes you wonder why new sites have been created for students to go online and find textbooks at a cheaper rate, and be able to sell them to these sites. Companies such as,, and eBay are making huge profits and soon they will in my opinion close down these horrible University bookstores.

If students are smart, for the spring semester they will not sell books back to the bookstore, but sell them online. For those who purchased used or rental textbooks don’t expect to see a huge refund from returning your books. I myself have one used textbook and I spent over $100 on it this semester and I can bet you that once I return it, I will be lucky to even get $40. On the other hand, the books that I bought, I will be selling them online to these online textbook sites and in return see an actual profit that I would hope for.

So students don’t make the wrong decision, get smart and do the right thing. Don’t let the bookstore win next semester, and cheat you out of cash for a book that they will sell for the same price or a little lower next semester. Juniors and seniors have seemed to discover that buying books online is the best way to save cash, and they are right. It took me two years to discover that eBay had the books I needed for class at a much lower price.

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