2012: Avoiding the norm

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Tightening those cheeks, ditching the butts and mending that hole in the pocket are just standard goals people set for New Year’s resolutions. This year, however, students are going for something a little more rewarding.

Brittany Moses is giving up dairy products to stay healthy, but that is not her top priority.

She is doing it to save her voice.

Moses majored in music business and songwriting at Middle Tennessee State University and is now at Missouri Western for grad school. Currently she is an active artist and is in the TESOL program.

Moses says some professional singers don’t consume dairy, and she claims her dad told her milk is bad for her singing; that’s when she decided 2012 was the time to quit it.

“The reason it is so bad for your voice is because milk creates mucous, as gross as that sounds,” Moses said. “The more phlegm and mucous you have in your throat, (the more it) creates a blockage and prevents getting out the notes.”

So just stop consuming dairy products, it’s as simple as that, right? Not necessarily.

“My biggest obstacle right now is working in a restaurant that most of the entrees have cream or cheese strongly influenced in their menu items…which is hard to resist,” Moses said.

“Another challenge is going out to eat making sure the entree or meal doesn’t have creams or cheeses. Also, some coffee shops don’t have soy or other dairy alternatives. So that stinks!”

Yet Moses has some methods for overcoming her desire to eat dairy products.

“I am actively trying to research some new recipes that have alternate methods of cooking and not using creams and cheese because every recipe has it in it,” Moses said. “I also just try to just tell myself I am lactose intolerant, which I feel like I kind of am at times.”

Moses has also been substituting almond milk for regular milk (which she says tastes better anyway) and margarine for butter.

While Moses is taking the healthy route, another student plans on taking a different route — road routes that is.

Senior Kayla Roumas wants to work on her spontaneity and, as Willie Nelson puts it, “get on the road again.”

Roumas has really only taken one real road trip within the past two years, so she’s itching to drive out of the state to someplace like San Diego, Calif.

However, what she will have to work on for 2012 is allowing herself to do it.

“The hardest part will probably be letting go of my habit to meticulously plan everything and making more time,” Roumas said.

Making more time goes under the heading of school, considering she still has two semesters left.

“I’m not graduating until December, so hopefully I’ll squeeze a few in,” Roumas said.

Another student who is looking to travel abroad and be well-known is aspiring comedian Jeff Jones.

“My official New Year’s resolution would be to make moves,” Jones said. “I want the world, and I can’t get it sitting still.”

In order to have “the world” (not to be confused with Pinky and the Brain’s “taking over the world”), however, he and his friend and colleague Nick Ford are trying “start a revolution” by launching their new clothing line.

“The clothing line is a shout out to real people who do real things,” Jones said.

Jones plans on having shirts with different slogans, their main one standing for “real people doing real things” or “RNDRT” (the “n” is another word Jones uses for people, which you can probably figure out). The point of it is to encourage people to be true to themselves, real to their character.

Jones said Hanna Greenwell, who is an art major at Western, is already coming up with designs, and another friend who will be the accountant and has some valuable connections to help Jones and Ford’s project.

With already having an RNDRT fan base and impending advertising, Jones is hoping the clothing line will boost his standup comedy presence — and it all started with making a move.

“Frankly, it’s already going to be huge; we already have people bugging us about shirts, and I’ve also seen RDNRT on statuses.”

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