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The Cross Reference

Writer’s block

When it happens to me, if I’m home, I get a glass of brandy and a cigar and say to myself “What would Hemingway do?” The answer is always the same, he would write about it. So here goes.

Writer’s block happens to all students at one time or another. You stare at a blank screen or page and have many things to say but the words won’t come. You have had 15 weeks of instruction about a topic you’re expected to regurgitate onto a paper or final exam and nothing is happening between your ears.

Students have many things going on in their busy lives. The last thing they need as the intense holiday season approaches is an instructor who is convinced that they don’t have a life. There is shopping, family gatherings, socializing, and a host of other things that distract and fill the brain at the same time.

What we all need is time to think, work, study and write. Finals couldn’t happen at a less opportune time. The key is planning and prioritizing your time. You have to be able to tell your friends and family no. If you tell them you can’t devote time to anything but school they should understand.

But, you have to follow through and use the time you have set aside wisely. To properly focus while studying here are a few things that might help.

Study in an area that is quiet. Having some music on is not a bad thing but make sure you don’t know the songs because your favorites could distract you.

Keep the room a little cool. If the room gets too comfortable you could go to sleep while studying. You also can save a little energy here.

Try to find an area where others are studying such as the library so everyone has the same goal and objective around you. They are less likely to disturb you with loud conversation and other noise.

Lighting should be bright enough to read without eye fatigue. Having the lighting bright also helps keep you from sleeping.

Try to use a desk. Studying in bed is a no-no. Don’t sit or lay on the floor because the pressure points will cause muscle fatigue and limit your ability to continue studying in those positions.

Another great key I have often used is thinking about what I don’t want to do the most. That is a pretty good indication of what I need to do first. Then, when it is out of the way I become energized to continue with new-found strength.

What ever you need to do to keep focused do it. You didn’t come this far to lose your intensity now.

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