Senate achieves much despite retention issues

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As the semester winds down, so does the total number of senators for Missouri Western’s Student Government Association.

According to Jacob Scott, vice president of SGA, the number of senators had risen to 16, but by the end of the semester that number will be down to ten as a result of graduation and senators participating in study abroad programs.

“We’re going to lose a lot of great people,” Scott said. “We’ve got some people studying abroad, a couple of people graduating and one person going into a law enforcement academy, so we’re losing quite a few really good senators, and I really appreciate what they’ve done.

Scott and Alison Norris, president of SGA, said they are ready for the retreat they have planned over the break to refocus on what their collective mission for this administration has been — getting students involved and getting their input.

“I’m ready to get a break,” Norris said. “We need to sit down and get back to our original goal of finding out exactly what the students want from SGA.”

Norris and Scott are extremely proud of the work that has been done this semester, especially concerning the input and legislation coming from the committees.

“We got a lot done for this semester with the improvements for Potter,” Norris said. “We got the recycling program going, so I’m glad about that.”

Scott also felt the committees played a major role in getting much of the legislation brought before the Senate this semester.

“I really think the committees provided a lot of access to students, and a lot of students took advantage of that route [getting involved],” Scott said. “We achieved several proposals, some notable ones be The Living Room for downstairs in Potter Hall for students to hang out.”

Norris said that one project she is working on is a program designed to provide assistance to students needing attire for interviews.

“Many students get a degree, but when it’s time for them to go out on interviews, they can’t afford to purchase any nice clothes,” Norris said. “This program will hopefully be able to help some of those students.”

Scott was also proud of the purchase of the tickets for all of the theatre departments’ performances and wanted to remind everyone that the first 25 in line at the box office every night get a free ticket.

Scott said the main goal for the upcoming semester is not just about retaining students academically, but also keeping them involved and engaged on campus.

“Can we improve the social retention of the campus?” Scott asked. “We need to keep students on campus at night for events.”

The question at this point is: how? According to Scott and Norris both, the answer to this will most likely come from committees and student involvement.

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