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Partnership benefits from sweet start

The sweet taste of success is booming for the Stephen L. Craig School of Business because of their partnership with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and its subsidiary, Aspen Leaf Yogurt.

Jodie Kunze is one of the owners of the business and was very pleased with how well their first day went Saturday.

“It was so packed, and we never had a stopping moment; we had lines out the door,” Kunze said. “We were open an hour before [the posted time] and about 30 minutes after [the posted time], and we extended our dollar deal that was supposed to go from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but we extended it from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

Kunze counted out 5 cameras in the front of the store and said there are also cameras set up in the back.

Of course these cameras will be for security, but also will provide the long-anticipated live feed to the school of business for an educational purpose.

Dean of the Craig School, Philip Nitse, said the location has a series of cameras primarily for security, but [the Craig School of Business] will have access to the system that allows them to look at what’s happening in the store at various times.

“We can pull off specific instances and discuss those instances in a classroom scenario,” Nitse said.“We can either pull them from past history or actually do a live feed, depending on the time of the class. The live feed also will include ALY [Aspen Leaf Yogurt], and Craig School of Business will have access to both sides of the store.”

Since this is the first time Craig School of Business has had a live feed from the store, Nitse said this is a big experiment on their part because most places don’t have that kind of information available to them.

“As faculty get used to what’s available, they will have an opportunity to work it in to a variety of different classes.”

The Rocky Mountain corporate office is very happy with the store in St. Joseph.

“The RMCF corporate office is very pleased, and everybody involved is ecstatic that so many people from St. Joe and the surrounding area have turned out for the opening. It was a tremendous first day operation, and Sunday was quite busy from what I understand,” Nitse said.

RMCF currently has 3 Western students working at the location.

According to a news release issued by Western, graduating seniors in the Craig School of Business have had the opportunity to take an elective course in entrepreneurship, vying for an opportunity operate and eventually own their own Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise. With this new location, students can now complete their internship in St. Joseph.

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