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Since I last wrote about the Occupy movement I have met with two of the people occupying city hall at 11 and Faraon. They gave me a copy of their own, “Declaration for the Occupation of St. Joseph.” The local occupy people are blaming corporations for a shopping list of 22 problems that, according to the declaration, were caused only by corporations.

The list includes things varying from corporations “perpetuating colonialism at home and abroad,” to corporations’ use of the military to prevent freedom of the press. I’m interviewing Nick Brothers soon, who has been involved in this movement locally since the beginning. I really hope he can explain some of this document to me.

Now for a little self promotion….You can see the interview on Griffon Today. Just go to and click on the Griffon Today tab. If the video is not there yet keep trying.

I told you I was going to Washington D.C., and I really enjoyed it. Everything seems fine in Washington, and maybe that is the problem. I couldn’t help but notice a sense of denial that there is an economic crisis. I promise I’ll get back to the Occupy topic soon, but let me share a quick D.C. observation.

Almost everywhere you go in Washington D.C. you can see large buildings covering entire city blocks and several stories tall, totally vacant. These building have 48 foot billboards on each side announcing the buildings availability for sale or lease. In the middle of all this available office space is our government, who has started construction of a new office building for members of homeland security. Stop chuckling, you are paying for it.

The local Occupy people are not like the ones I saw in Arlington, Va. They were occupying a park close to “old town” Arlington. It is the type of area where most Americans would have trouble living. A small apartment is thousands per month, and a condo will run well over a million. The area has, in my opinion, some of the best food on earth.

Anyway, in the middle of this “rich” area is a civic park about two city blocks in size where all you can see is tents and bodies. Some tents failed to hide some of the bodies. I think I experienced more live sex in one night than most connoisseurs of that sort of thing see in a lifetime.

Being the journalistic type, I couldn’t help but kick my way through the trash and ask these people some questions. I wanted to know why they were occupying the park. The answer was “to protest.” The question of what they were protesting received a different answer every time, which always seemed to include at least one five syllable word I hadn’t heard before.

Making my way through the entire park I met a quick-witted police officer. I asked him for his opinion of when he thought the protest would end. He looked at his watch and said “around five below.”
More later.

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