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Sorority Teeter totters to help raise money

When you think of a teeter-totter, you probably think about being on the playground as a child, rocking back and forth, up and down with your friends as you giggle in your high-pitched, innocent, little six-year-old voice.

Two sorority members teeter-tottering for the cause.

Something similar happened on the Missouri Western campus Oct. 27. Alpha Gamma Delta held their 15th annual 24-hour Teeter Totter-A-Thon.

Western’s Alpha Gamma Delta chapter was founded in 1995, and the sorority started the teeter-totter fundraiser in 1997 as a way to raise money for the foundation.

Western student Danielle Bryan is the sorority’s Philanthropy Coordinator.

“The fundraiser helps raise money for diabetes research and increase awareness,” Bryan said. “The fundraiser also helps provide grants that help Alpha Gamma Delta women that are in need.”

The Alpha Gamma Delta chapter hosts two fundraisers each school year, one for each semester. The annual spring fundraiser is known as Mr. MWSU.

Mr. MWSU is a pageant that allows male students to showcase their school spirit. The pageant is divided into five categories: formal, costume, swimwear, talent and school spirit. Last year the pageant raised around $1,700 for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

“The pageant is silly and serious at the same time,” Bryan said. “It is a chance for guys to show their spirit and pride in Missouri Western.”

The international headquarters for the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority gives a special recognition for any chapter that raises over $2,000 throughout a full academic school year.

“We are named what is called a Jewel Chapter, which is given to chapters that donate a significant amount of money to the Foundation,” Bryan said.

Charitible work is a big part of the Alpha Gamma Delta lifestyle.

“We’re really big on philanthropy. We like helping others; that is what we’re all about,” Bryan said.

Part of Alpha Gamma Delta’s formal recruitment this fall was Philanthropy Day. The AGDs made squirrel icepacks, which were given to children that were receiving insulin shots at a local pediatric unit. The squirrel is the mascot for the sorority.

The sorority looks to recruit girls with friendly and giving attitudes, like freshman recruit Christine Ray.

“I joined Alpha Gam because they seemed so accepting of everyone: definitely a drama free group of girls,” Ray said. “It is a good opportunity for me while I’m in college, and I like the philanthropy aspect of it all.”

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