SGA buys playoff tickets for students

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Missouri Western’s Student Government Association made an executive board decision to pony up the dough, buying 300 tickets for Saturday’s home playoff game — the first in school history.

SGA gave away these tickets at noon on Monday, Nov. 14 in the Blum Student Union lobby to the first 300 students to claim them and agreed to co-purchase souvenir towels with the athletics department, too.

Nick McCutcheon, director of finance for SGA, said that after Athletics Director Kurt McGuffin spoke to the Senate and Western won their bid for a playoff that they wanted to do something for the students.

“They [athletic department] did tell us early on that they would not be able to purchase them, so we decided we wanted to do it for the students,” McCutcheon said. “We first checked to make sure that it was not against any NCAA rules, then once we got the approval, we purchased them. Besides making 300 free tickets available, we will be contributing to athletics’ purchase of more rally towels that will be given away at the game to all fans. ”

“It’s the first playoff game we’ve ever hosted for Missouri Western, for the town of St. Joe and football,” McGuffin said. “And, I think a lot of people have yearned for this. They’ve wanted to see what kind of show we can put on. It’s [the playoff game] the talk of the town.”

McGuffin feels that getting the win over Northwest and taking care of business against Fort Hayes definitely put us in position to get the playoff game.

“I think that win really put us over the top,” McGuffin said.

McGuffin is pushing the need to get students out to the game, so he was really glad when he found out that the residence halls would remain open until Sunday afternoon.

“I hope it’s [residence halls] huge,” McGuffin said. “I know SGA purchased 300 tickets, because in the NCAA we have no comps; our president doesn’t even get a comp.”

According to McGuffin, he went to Esther Peralez, vice president of student affairs, regarding the residence halls and voiced his concerns.

“The next day she [Peralez] said, ‘We’ve got them open,’ you know, so that was a step,” McGuffin said. “We agreed with the SGA to purchase more towels. It’s a great tradition and I’m glad the students have bought into that. The last thing the alumni association had some money left for a student tailgate, so if you didn’t get one of the 300 tickets, you can still get the towel, the tailgate and a ticket for $5.”

President Robert Vartabedian said that the playoff game just adds to the success that Western’s football team has had the last few years.

“I think this [hosting the playoff game], coupled with our facilities and our association with the Kansas City Chiefs, could be the beginning of something very special,” Vartabedian said.

Vartabedian said that he was glad to see SGA purchase the tickets for the students.

“I think its fantastic, given the fact that we’re starting a vacation for our students, as of the end of the day on Friday. I thought that was a good sign that they’re going to be quite enthusiastic about this game.”

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