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Missouri Western’s Student Government Association kicked things off Monday night with a brief presentation from new Athletic Director Kurt McGuffin.

McGuffin seems to be getting comfortable in his new role as he joked and talked to the Senate about his thoughts and goals for Western.

“In the insider video, I said, ‘my most favorite sports memory was going to be the first win over Northwest Missouri State,’” McGuffin said. “I didn’t know it was going to come four days later, but I’m very pleased it did.”

McGuffin went on to talk about the possibility of hosting a playoff game, which would be the first time in school
history that Western has done so. McGuffin said that he was pleased with the attendance for the Northwest game, but he also said that Western needs to keep it up if we’re going to have a shot at hosting a playoff game.

“That playoff game [if Western gets it] is going to be on Saturday when you get off Friday for Thanksgiving break,” McGuffin said. “I know that’s sometimes hard for campus to maybe hang around one extra day or whatever, but we’re going to need everyone in the stands just like we did Saturday [for Northwest].”

A concern facing students for the game will be that campus–including residence halls–closes on Friday for the fall break, which means staying around could be a problem.

In addition to talking about a potential playoff berth, McGuffin discussed the current state of athletics with the Senate while fielding questions.

“When you look around at facilities on campus, what two things would you look at and say, ‘these are really priorities to me’?” Senator Justin Beavers asked.

“A front door to the Looney Complex that would maybe extend out to the west,” McGuffin said. “That we would maybe host a hall of fame area in that would be ‘the’ entrance and people would know where to go.”

McGuffin also said he would like to see the football stadium receive some updating efforts so that fans and students can get the most out of going to the games.

SGA also heard from Amber Rivera giving a plug to the Polar Plunge that will be taking place Feb. 18 at Lake Contrary. Rivera said that they wanted to start getting the word out early so that they could raise awareness of the event and hopefully beat Northwest in fundraising.

“Last year they [Northwest] won; they raised $1,000 more than us, and they also had about 15 less plungers,” Rivera said.

Rivera said as an incentive the winning organization this year will a pizza party for raising the most money, which will all go to the Special Olympics.

There were three pieces of legislation passed at the meeting: the first was an authorization to the Max committee to review student traditions, the next was a support of the recommendations made by the Governmental Relations Committee regarding the transportation study on campus, and finally the Campus Advancement Committee’s request for $2,000 to be spent on an event called Crossover of College. All of the legislation passed the Senate vote.

The Crossover of College will use the money to coach two 10-boy teams in basketball as a way to get students more involved in the St. Joseph community and also give under-privileged youth a helping hand. The participating 6th to 8th grade children will also have the opportunity to attend a Western basketball game of the group’s choosing and will be provided a lunch for the day as well.

Noah Green, director of communications, said, “The students that this will draw are in a very impoverished socioeconomic class that does indeed exist in St. Joseph. It’s great that we can take them out and have them play a game of basketball and perhaps enrich their lives and the lives of all the Missouri Western students that participate.”

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