‘Everything Must Go:’ including Will Ferrell

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This movie was a drama from beginning to end, but the decision to cast someone as goofy as Will Ferrell for the lead role might have ruined its potential.

'Everything must go' is a drama starring the well-known comedian Will Ferrell.

First off, the story was very well written. The story was original enough that you didn’t know what was going to happen next, and you couldn’t tell how it was going to end. Ferrell plays the role of Nick Halsey, a man who was fired from a very well-paying job and comes home to find out that his wife left him, changed the locks and alarm system, moved all of his stuff to the front lawn and put a hold on his bank accounts. The story is about how he chooses to handle the situation and makes you think the entire time about how he will recover, if at all.

“Everything Must Go” is another one of those movies that is going to make you think about how you would handle the same situation. It will put a little bit of “real world” fear in you. This movie can be very much believable, which is the scariest part. He quickly loses the life that most people wish they had.

This is by far the most serious role that Ferrell has ever played. He is known worldwide for his ability to go to the extreme to be a standout character. He is more memorable for his outrageous character roles than his jokes. Every comedian has jokes, but not every comedian can take a character and make it their own. The role of Halsey was no “Ron Burgundy,” no “Ricky Bobby,” no “Frank the Tank” and no 40-year-old jobless momma’s boy (both “Step Brothers” and “Wedding Crashers”). Halsey was rather dull.

That was the only real problem this movie had — Ferrell cast as serious character. This movie won’t crack your heart like most dramas try to do. It is a depressing story that fails to make you feel depressed. Just looking at Ferrell will bring the comic relief. Some actors, who are great at comedies, are talented enough to play serious roles, such as Will Smith, Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx and Tom Hanks. Ferrell is not on this list.

This movie had a “Punch Drunk Love” vibe, being quiet and slow with a comedian as the dramatic character, but better in almost every category. This movie had a much better story line and was easier to follow. Adam Sandler might have been able to bring more drama to the role, but then again, probably anybody could be taken more seriously than Ferrell.

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