‘Chance’s are, this kid will go far

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The addiction started for Chance Umstattd when he was around the age of 8 years old, but really kicked off when he went to college.

Chance Umstattd takes a break from drinking his beloved Dr. Pepper long enough to smile for the camera.

“It’s everywhere,” Umstattd said. “It’s so easy to get now.”

When it comes to Dr. Pepper, he just can’t turn it down.

Umstattd’s Dr. Pepper addiction all started when his mom told him that he needed to stop drinking so much Diet Coke. It was then that he found and stayed true to his first love, the “doctor.”

If downing the famous 23 flavors 24 times in one day isn’t enough to prove his love for the drink, maybe going to the original Dr. Pepper factory is. Umstattd recently took a trip down to Dublin, Texas. Dublin is the place of birth for the first ever Dr. Pepper.

“It was the greatest day of my life,” Umstattd said. “I went to Texas to visit family, but I couldn’t pass up seeing the history of Dr. Pepper. My priorities in order are family, Dr. Pepper and then school.”

To most people, putting a drink ahead of school would mean that education isn’t very important to them. This isn’t exactly the case for Umstattd. If you didn’t already know about his love for Dr. Pepper, you would guess that school is what he loves the most.

Umstattd is in his senior year, majoring in Theater & Cinema, hoping to one day work for either, or both, the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. He wants to be a part of their video production team any way he can, through the editing part or the camera work. He credits the Theater & Cinema faculty for helping reveal his love for video work.

“Dallas Henry is like my Mr. Miyagi,” Umstattd said. “I think that when I look back at school some day, I will realize that his teachings were my biggest influence.”

Theater and cinema definitely isn’t the only thing that he gets involved in. Umstattd gets involved any way he can, from WAC to homecoming committee to the Northwest game half time “flash mob.” He goes from playing “Humans vs. Zombies” to grabbing a roll in the upcoming play, “A Christmas Carol.”

Umstattd actually hated the theater part when he first got into the department. He went from hating to respecting to loving theater while in school. Although he has not acted in a play since his “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” performance when he was in the first grade, Umstattd is excited to try stepping back into the spotlight.

However, at first impressions, Umstattd is very shy. He comes from the small town of Adrian, Mo., where everyone knows each other’s names and stories. Stepping from a class of about 50 kids to a few thousand was terrifying at first. He was able to find a comfortable place in college by sticking to his good nature.

“I love that kid,” friend Sebastian Smith said. “No one has ever had a mean or rude thing to say about him.”

Once he got around to meeting a few people, he never stopped. Even with as many people that have met him from all the activities he has been involved with, haters seem to be nonexistent.

“Chance is a one of a kind,” friend Andrew Setter said. “He is a good friend in the fact that he would go out of his way just to make somebody feel better.”

Although he will be graduating in May, his good nature has spread kindness across campus enough so that his influence on people will still be here years down the road.

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