‘Zombieland’ in Griffon country

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One thing that spreads faster than a zombie apocalypse is the game itself. “Humans vs. Zombies” is infecting campuses everywhere.

Sarah Noe, grasping a nerf gun, goes back to back with another Zombie hunter to protect themselves from the infection.

Thanks to the Western Activities Council, HvZ is officially legit at Missouri Western. The game has grown just enough that not a student on campus didn’t notice a few bandana-ed maniacs or Nerfed out versions of Rambo walking around last week.

“The best part was running around in a zombie horde,” Josh Smith said, who was awarded first place in the top zombie category. “It was an awesome feeling chasing the humans with a group of like 20 zombies.”

After HvZ ended at noon on Halloween, the award ceremony was held in Blum Union later that night. Joe Bridgman, one of the moderators for HvZ, announced the summary of the game with the best zombies and winning teams, while Lauren Dillon, vice president of WAC, handed out gift cards. The two teams that were awarded were team “Rush” and “Pink Swag.” Teams were not allowed to have more than five players. According to Bridgman, Over 200 students were registered to play, making our campus the third largest HvZ game in the nation at the time we played.

As Team Rush member Brian Hamilton went up to get his reward, he referenced the movie “Zombieland” saying, “Remember guys, the first rule is cardio.”

Cardio is the first rule in “Zombieland,” but it’s not necessarily the first rule in HvZ. According to the official rules on the HvZ website, the most important rule is: Don’t be a douche bag.

As weird as it may sound, HvZ is a gentleman’s game, meaning the game will be fun if the players respect the game. Because of the “d-bag clause,” moderators were needed in order to keep to the code. The moderators were basically hidden referees to make sure people wouldn’t try to cheat. You could compare it to playing dodgeball as a kid. People who enjoyed playing would have loved someone to watch specifically for people who tried to stay in after they were hit.

“When you sign up, you are committing to play,” Bridgman said. “We want people to be honorable to the rules. Since this was the first official game on this campus, we didn’t really know what rules people would try to break. We gave a general list of rules and watched what happened so we could see what changes we would need to make for next year.”

One of the changes that will be made for next year is official HvZ bandanas. This will make the players more recognizable and prevent confusion with people who wore similar attire to the players.
Another part of the game that might need some changes is the rules for people playing who live off campus. There were approximately 80 humans who were never turned zombie, which was way too many. A large number were players who lived off campus. This wasn’t exactly fair for zombie players who lived on campus and needed to “feed.”

Although this was the first official game on our campus, it showed to be a huge success. The game will be looked over and changes will be made for the better. For more information about this official rules, visit humansvszombies.org, the official HvZ website.

There is little doubt that next year’s game will have more players and in turn be even more intense.

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