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Western continues to search for the next Student Governor. The deadline has been set for Friday, Nov. 11. It’s hard to determine if the Student Governor has found the right candidate for his successor, but with the extension he may.

The current Student Governor, Peter Gregory, is responsible for submitting the names of three candidates to Jefferson City, Mo.

“We have extended the deadline, not because we don’t have quality candidates, but we want to give everyone a chance to apply for this position,” Gregory said. “I know that there are students out there who just don’t know about the position yet and would be qualified for the position.”

According to Gregory, this is the only student government position that lasts longer than a year. This may affect student interest in the position.

“If a person is set on graduating within four years, then that would eliminate both juniors and seniors,” Gregory said. “We are looking for freshmen and sophomores that we can draw from, and it will be worth it, and it’s a great experience.”

The fact is that the position takes time, and the person chosen must be ready for the commitment.

“The work varies from week to week,” Gregory said. “The biggest responsibility is to attend the monthly board meetings, the Governor’s Advisory Council meetings, and, at times, work with the Student Government on projects.”

According to SGA President Alison Norris, Gregory should chose someone ready to go to work.

“The qualities of a good Student Governor to me consist of someone who is dedicated, hardworking, and represents the  students,” she said.

Western student Amanda Curtis believes the time commitment plays a role in why students won’t apply.

“Freshmen and sophomores, to me, probably are still getting used to the college,” Curtis said. “I work 30 to 40 hours a week, which makes me not a good candidate, like most students.”

A downside for the Student Governor position is that it has no voting power in SGA. Gregory disagrees with this rule.

“Personally, I believe its okay for the Student Governor to have voting rights: if they were appointed to the position, earned their way to this position, then they are smart enough to have a vote,” said Gregory.

Gregory goes on to state that even though he doesn’t have a vote, he is never overlooked by the Student Government or administration.

“The primary responsibly of the Governor is to represent the students to the administration, and the administration to the students,” Gregory said. “That’s why we have a student governor, so the administration has someone to go to for student opinion.”

According to Norris, the Student Governor gives input and works with SGA on occasion.

“The role of the Governor is similar to mine: we both are on the EBoard, except the position doesn’t offer any sort of scholarship,” Norris said.

Student Keisha Davis believes the position needs more advantages for students to want to apply.

“I think that if there was some kind of leverage or some kind of advantage to being involved, more students would be willing to be involved,” Davis said. “I personally would not be able to apply because of my already busy schedule.”

The process of becoming the next Student Governor is time consuming, according to Gregory.

“All candidates must go to the first interview, and then once they make it past the first section, they are interviewed by Western President, Robert Vartabedian,” Gregory said. He goes on to state that  once the student pass that  process ,then they are interviewed by  Gov. Jay Nixon’s office. Once the candidate is selected, they are asked to come to Jefferson City, Mo., for appointment at a Senate hearing committee.

Gregory is committed to searching for the best candidate for the job.

“We want someone dedicated and willing to serve their university,” Gregory said.

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