Tosh.0 is a podium for a bully

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Daniel Tosh is a dick.

I was sitting in my room while one of my roommates was channel surfing. He happened to stumble upon “Tosh.0” and thus changed my new perspective on America’s cyberbullying problem.

You see, it didn’t actually start with Daniel Tosh. In 2002, a video was uploaded of a high school student swinging a golf ball retriever around as a weapon. The Canadian high school student thought, at the time, it would be fun to play “Star Wars” with one of the school’s video cameras.

Let me level with you. We’ve all had these moments. You know, those moments where you’re just jacking around without a care in world — being yourself. This kid made the unfortunate mistake of filming his shenanigans. Those peers that posted the video online made a mistake too, a mistake that nearly cost them $250,000.

According to court documents filed in 2006, this student “had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large.” The documents also say that he will most likely have to undergo psychiatric help for the rest of his life. In case you’re wondering, this is cyberbullying.

When I first saw this video, I didn’t laugh. Now, it may be entertaining in the fact that this kid is just having a good time, doing whatever pleases him. Let’s face the facts though, people find this funny because there’s an obese 15-year-old swinging a metal stick around playing pretend. I wonder if anyone would laugh at his face.

You see, this is why Daniel Tosh is even a comedian. He’s like the other million cyberbullies on the internet. They can hide behind keyboards and LCD screens and be malicious to innocent people.

On the episode that night, Daniel Tosh had somehow acquired a video of some kids dare-deviling on bicycles. What was supposed to be funny about this was an overweight child went off a small ramp with a bicycle, fell and broke his arm. As Daniel Tosh replayed the kid crying over and over, he paused to make snide comments about the kid’s weight, how he was crying for his mother and how he shouldn’t have been on the bike at all.

My statement stands: Daniel Tosh is a dick. I can handle bullies on the Internet. They will always exist. When Rebecca Black’s “Friday” came out, someone commented on her YouTube video that she should go kill herself. Good and bad, the internet has given everyone a megaphone.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve laughed at YouTube videos. Antoine Dodson and Rebecca Black are two of my favorite Internet memes, but those are conscious decisions to broadcast on the Internet or elsewhere. Dodson could have refused to interview, or he could have acted like a normal person. Rebecca Black didn’t have to pay someone $10,000 to Auto-tune her voice, especially when she already has a beautiful one. The fact of the matter is, those people put themselves in the public light to be ridiculed.

Most people don’t take Internet memes to a personal level either, but Daniel Tosh does. What he does is nothing short of a verbal attack. By taking someone’s weakest moments, broadcasting them on television and then battering them with insults is an affront to innocent children everywhere.

Daniel Tosh sets a standard for other people. His show is what has made cyberbullying socially acceptable. It’s okay to take the private lives of other people, put them out in the public and them make fun of them.

Comedians have been mocking people forever. Impressions are hilarious. Making fun of public figures is entertaining and sometimes calls to question social issues.Daniel Tosh does not that. If he wants to make light of the fact that childhood obesity is a problem in the US, don’t do it at the expense of a crying child with a broken arm.

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