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‘Romeo and Juliet’ comes to the main stage

Cast members rehearse in full costume, preparing for the Thursday opening of “Romeo and Juliet” on the Potter Hall mainstage.

The Theatre & Cinema department is showing no signs of slowing down the roll they have been on since summer. Not only are they moving forward in the renovations and advancements going on in Potter Hall, but their creativity is moving them right into a spotlight Missouri Western has never seen on stage before.
“Romeo and Juliet” will now be closer to us than ever before, as its setting is moved from Europe to right here in 1861 Missouri. An idea since last semester in the mind of Tee Quillin, director of “Romeo and Juliet,” became a reality.
“This is an outreach to the city of St. Joseph,” Quillin said. “There will be things put into the setting of this play that really existed here, while being relatable to what people still live with everyday.” The living history of St. Joseph will come alive on Oct. 6 on the Potter Hall mainstage. “Romeo and Juliet” will be put into a new perspective for us all.
People that have never seen “Romeo and Juliet” before, or Shakespeare at all, will have a great opportunity to really see a performance of one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written.
“We fail if the audience doesn’t understand what’s going on,” Jeremy Edwards, senior playing Romeo’s cousin Benvolio, said. “If we do our job, people will walk away with a new appreciation for Shakespeare.”
People involved in this production want the audience to see and understand the connection they have with “Romeo and Juliet” and how it relates to their own lives.
“The themes in this play are universal,” Sarah Noe, the actress playing Lady Capulet, said. “There are great life comparisons, and I want the audience to feel the roller coaster of emotions that are happening.”
The cast of “Romeo and Juliet” know about things that can really get to your emotions. With only weeks to prepare, Shakespeare’s advanced dialogue sure wasn’t the easiest thing to pick up, along with rehearsing blocking without the use of the theater stage.
Everyone’s hard work and time consuming efforts put into this play will be shown from Oct. 6-8 at 7:30 p.m. and October 9 at 3:00 p.m. in the Potter Hall Theater. The first 25 students with student I.D. will get in free. Tickets can be purchased for $6 online at, where you can also see a YouTube preview of the play.

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