New Athletic Director will be Western asset

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Missouri Western spent countless hours and months searching for a new Athletic Director, hoping to find somebody that will stabilize the position much needed in order to have program success.

Western may have found one in Kurt McGuffin.

McGuffin was the first of the four finalists to present his case as to why he should control all operations in the department. He expressed interest to come here as he stated throughout the presentation he likes the area and wants his family to live here.

With that said, Western needed to make him their decision.

This campus has grown immensely over the past decade. The change in Western has run parallel with the change of athletic directors. Since 1999, the Griffons have had seven directors of athletics take charge. That’s an average of less than two years per director. Why?

We understand that some circumstances Western can’t control. Having one director in trouble with the law while another succumbs to cancer are two of them, so hiring a strong candidate, one like McGuffin, is smart for Western.

One thing stuck out in the two-week long candidate presentations, and it was in McGuffin’s speech.

He said that he wanted Western to be St. Joseph’s team, not just Western’s. Though each candidate stated their own bold statement, McGuffin was most trusted to produce. He should help promote Western by doing this.

When he was announced as the new AD, McGuffin cited new upgrades in Looney, such as locker rooms, would be a targeted fix. But nothing put McGuffin over the other candidates than his fundraising skills.

McGuffin held a position at Kansas State for more than 10 years. One major part of his success was that the Wichita State graduate did stay at Kansas State that long.

Whoever questions his ability to stay at one job, although they may be right, have to understand each time McGuffin held a different position at Kansas State, he was promoted.

In 2000, McGuffin served under the athletic development program in Manhattan, Kan. He then was promoted in 2005 to the associate director of athletics.

Three years later, he was the senior associate athletic director for external operations. All of those jobs were an upgrade, which proves that the man has not only performed well, but has done an exceptional job and is good enough to have more duties signed to him.

McGuffin has spent the past two years at Colorado, where he implemented a new annual giving program, which produced a $15 million practice facility.

Bill Snyder, head football coach at Kansas State, was born and raised here in St. Joseph, Mo. He submitted his own beliefs about McGuffin. He said that McGuffin is an exceptional man, and that he will do his best to help Western.

Remember, there is no bigger income in college than athletics. Perhaps now, with a great choice in McGuffin, we will be able to see the income flow in on our way to winning championships. Because that was what this was all about; and if it wasn’t, what was the point of the search?

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