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There isn’t a spot on campus where you wouldn’t see a student jamming out to their iPod, texting on their iPhone or typing up a paper on a Mac. Thanks to Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., students have this technology. Unfortunately, Jobs, 56, passed away Wednesday, Oct. 5, due to a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

Anything with an “i” before it is Jobs’ doing. Jobs, who dropped out of college after only attending Reed College for six months, started Apple Inc. at an early age and created a totally new culture of technology, including the Mac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iTouch, iPad and iPhone.

Students and faculty rely heavily on Apple products, especially Macs, for their majors and classes. Associate professor of art Theresa Harris, who teaches graphic design and typography, has been using Macs for a long time and believes they are necessary for her classes.

“[Apple] is the industry’s standard,” Harris said. “It’s what over 95 percent of the graphic design industry and design field use as well as fields in video and animation. Everybody is an Apple fan. Jobs’ influence on the graphic design industry cannot be understated. He totally revolutionized the field.”

Graphic design major Khalid Spry agrees with Harris when it comes to using Macs for his major.

“His products will help me launch my business designing clothing.”

As Harris said before, Apple products have been being used for the field of video and animation as well. Jobs was also the owner of the animated film company Pixar. Theatre & Cinema major Carlos Gomez works with Macs all the time for his major and says it’s essential that students can be able to use the technology at Western.

“At Western, the Mac labs have been absolutely necessary for our cinema and digital animations majors, which seem to be expanding with the current entertainment industry,” he said.

“Mac or PC?” has been a very popular question that has been asked in past years, and Gomez explains why Macs works better for his major.

“Apple has the rights to use more powerful software in their computers,” Gomez said. “Apple has the rights to the big filmmaking software, like Final Cut Pro. Although software, like Adobe’s Premiere, is both for a PC and Mac, it was first created for Mac, so the brand trust is with Apple.”

Macs have helped a lot of other majors, like journalism for laying out newspaper and yearbook pages, but Apple technology has also changed this generation as a whole.

“[Jobs] connects with this generation in terms of music and the visuals and animation in the movies,” Harris said. “It’s a beautiful thing: The way he has this marriage between design and technology, and it just comes together in a wonderful package that is efficient and functions well. He made using technology an experience and made us all want to be a part of that culture.”

Even though Jobs has passed away, Spry believes he will not be forgotten.

“Steve Jobs will live on as long as you see the Apple mark.”

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