Homecoming: Griffons keep it real

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This year for homecoming Missouri Western is “Keepin’ it Real.” All throughout homecoming week everything will be based around past and present reality television shows. The homecoming theme for this year is “Griffon Pride… Keepin’ it REAL.”


“The idea is that everyone will want to take part in certain events throughout the week, such as ‘The Amazing Griff Race’ for instance,” Homecoming chairperson Taylor Kram said. “Each event will have a Griffon twist to them that hopefully will appeal to Western students and they will want to come to these events.”


Many various events will be taking place during Homecoming week, and some events are being looked as the highlights of the entire week themselves. Josh Blue, the homecoming headliner and winner of Last Comic Standing, will be performing Oct. 20, 8 p.m. inside the Looney Complex.


When asked about the events during the week of homecoming, Special Events Director Cody Sander had this to say, “I think there will be a really good turnout for ‘Last Griffon Standing’,” Sander said. “I want to see as many students as possible at all the things going on during homecoming, and I this is just another one of them.”


Also on the list of things during homecoming will be a food fight. No, not throwing food at one another like you may have imagined. Oct. 10-14, there will a campus wide food drive.


“With all the cans, the various organizations will be required to build a Can Castle,” Sander said. “Whoever is the most original and creative will win the ‘Food Fight’ taking place.”


There will also be a treasure hunt that anyone on campus can participate in. The treasure hunt starts at 8 a.m. on Oct. 17. For your first clue one needs to go to missouriwestern.edu/homecoming.


“For anyone interested at all, the first place prize of the treasure hunt is a 32 inch High-Definition television,” Sander said.


So if all the events taking place during the week are meant to be as real as possible, what about the possible candidates that are going to represent the Homecoming court? What should a Missouri Western Homecoming King or Queen be like?


“Typically what we are looking for in a candidate is someone who is involved around campus and takes great pride in this university,” 2010 Homecoming Queen Laura Schneider said. “We want someone who is going to represent the school well and give a good name to Missouri Western.”


To be a homecoming candidate one needs to be a full-time student and also maintain a 2.5 GPA. Once a candidate makes it through the judging and too court, they must attend all the homecoming events during homecoming week.


“It is important for the candidates to be seen by everyone on campus,” Director of Awards and Judging Morgan Lindgren said. “The students need to get a feel for who these candidates are so they can decide who they want to vote for.”


With everything that is going on during homecoming week, the people coordinating all of it hope it all well and according to plan. And hopefully, every Griffon keeps it real.

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