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The Student Senate branch of the Student Government Association passed into legislation the purchase of two new PA systems and spotlights at their last meeting.

According to Jordan Carney, SGA director of public relations, the PA system and spotlights currently in place needed to be updated.

“They are probably more than 40 years old, I am sure,” Carney said. The difference this time is that SGA is funding the purchase of these items. Carney believes the ones in place now were purchased by the university.

Nick McCutcheon, SGA director of finance, said that funds for these items will be taken out of the special projects as a line item in the budget.

“The SGA approved an allocation of $4,430 for the purchase of these items,” he said. “Each PA system is $950 a piece, and the spotlights are $1,256 a piece.”

The SGA would not have known that the PA systems and spotlights needed to be replaced if Mark Elting, the technical operations coordinator, had not come forth with the proposal.

“Mark has a firsthand look and experience at the PA systems and spotlights,” Carney said. “It’s a lot of behind the scenes work that students and the administration don’t have much experience with.”

It seems that SGA is listening to new ideas to improve the campus.

Western student Brooke Witthaus wonders if SGA will continue to fund items like these in the future.

“I believe the Student Government Association needs to update students on pieces of legislation like these,” said Witthaus. “If they are going to pass legislation that improves campus, I believe it should be a vote of the student body to decide.”

It’s hard to say if the SGA will continue to fund items like these, according to McCutcheon.

“We won’t know if more bills or legislation are made; it’s just a possibility,” he said.

They will have to wait and see what new proposals students bring forth.

With the purchase of the new systems and spotlights student organizations will benefit a great deal, as well as the university.

“One thing that comes to mind is the SGA swearing-in for the President and Vice President last Spring,” McCutcheon said. “We did it without microphones or a PA system. That was a situation where the new systems would have been put to use.”

That is just one organization that will benefit from the new systems. The SGA wants to ensure that every organization is able to rent these systems for campus events.

According to Carney, the systems can be used for about any use.

“I believe that they will be used for all sorts of programming, organizations and lectures,” she said. “I would have to say that the one event that will benefit from the purchase of these items will be the MWSU Drag Show.”

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