News from the Runway: Sidney Chleborad

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Sidney Chleborad is a freshman fashion merchandising major from Northwest University. She hopes to one day be a clothing consultant and dress models.


News from the Runway: Sidney Chleborad

Sidney Chleborad is a fashion merchandising major from Northwest University. This is her first semester at Northwest as she originally started her college career at Western in the spring of 2011. Chleborad feels that the fashion shows are perfect for her, as she plans to have a future within the fashion industry.

“I want to be a buyer from clothing companies, so I think it’s pretty awesome to choose clothes for different people. [The fashion show] is kind of perfect for me.”

Chleborad admires the true nature of fashion from the clothing trends to the outrages styles that are only seen on runway.

“I like crazy outfits, like big hats and really big sleeves; just out of the ordinary stuff that you don’t see everyday,” Chleborad said. “It’s just different. I experiment with different clothes. This is kind of my way of expressing my fashion.”

Chleborad gains inspiration from watching shows such as “America’s Next Top Model.”

“I’m hoping [the fashion show] will give me a greater appreciation for the models who go through with this stuff, put themselves out there and give it what they got,” Chleborad said. “It definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. I think everybody should experience it at least once in their life. It’s really different from anything else.”

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