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Lecture Series embraces cultural unity

The International Lecture Series, presented by the Office of Global Engagement, showcases the culture and lifestyles of the home countries of many Western international students.

The International Lecture Series will be covering three countries this year: Afghanistan, Kosovo and India. There will be food samplings the day before the lectures, so anyone interested in experiencing the cuisine of these countries is encouraged to attend.

When asked about the concept of the lecture series, former International Student Coordinator Huey Shi Chew said “The idea of this whole series is to get people to see what life is like over in these other countries. We want students to understand the differences in people’s lives over in these countries versus our own.”

Students will be surprised how different life is in other countries.

One of the most interesting facts about the International Lecture Series is that international students are actually the ones conducting these lectures. For the Afghanistan lecture, international student Ahmad Shah Salimee talked about his home country.

“It is nice to be able to share how life is over in my home country of Afghanistan,” Salimee said. “This is a chance for people to see Afghanistan beyond the political side of things and see how we really truly live.”

International students will be presenting in the lectures for Kosovo and India. Most students are oblivious to how people reside in these other nations.

“I honestly didn’t know any of the stuff that was brought up,” freshman Evan Hill said. “It was interesting to hear what was said. I’ll be coming to the next lecture as well.”

Approximately 40 people were in attendance. Student Affairs is hoping that more people come to upcoming lectures and that the word is spread on what will be shared during the series.

“I hope more people come the next time one of these lectures is going on,” Salimee said. “It is very educational for anyone that decides to sit and take in what other countries are all about.”

The lecture on Kosovo will be held Oct. 19, and India will be discussed on Nov. 16.

For further information, contact Global Engagement at 816-271-4150 or visit Student Affairs in Blum 210.

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