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Historically-black Greek organizations prepare for upcoming events

Alpha Phi Alpha

Only weeks away from their 20-year anniversary on campus, Alpha Phi Alpha is still making a strong impact within the community. APA is a historically black fraternity who definitely emphasize the business aspect of what they do.

“When it comes to community service leaders in the city, they know us by our first name,” Vice President of APA Jamal Ahmed said. “We take care of business and work hard to be the best at everything we do.”

This has been proven true in the past with multiple nominations and wins for numerous community service related awards such as the Most Outstanding Fraternity Award and the Glenn Marion Service Award, which is awarded to the organization that goes above and beyond the typical terms of providing community service.

“We separate ourselves through deeds, scholarships and services,” Ahmed said. “We set the bar as high as we can, because we don’t shoot for the minimum.”

APA is a fraternity that truly challenges themselves in what they can do for their community. They also have a lot of fun events coming up on Oct. 21-22, for everybody to participate in when they will be celebrating the 20-year mark as a Western fraternity.

Delta Sigma Theta

Delta Sigma Theta is a historically black sorority that has been at Western since April 20, 1996. It are a public service organization who is all about giving back to the community. Not only do they look to help out on campus, they do what they can to help out the community of St. Joseph as well. DST maintains focus on what is important to them by keeping to the “five point thrust.” The five point thrust is a system of five topics that they strive to improve within themselves and the community. The five consists of educational development, economic development, international awareness, political awareness and physical and mental health. One of the ways DST reaches out to help students is by their Confidont Program.

“Our Confidont Program mostly reaches out to freshmen women,” DST President Jessica Criss said. “Like how Griffon Edge prepares you for school and your classes, the Confidont Program takes it a step further and helps you overcome any obstacles with great lifelong lessons.”

Criss, a senior communications and public relations major, encourages freshmen to do research on the organization and see if they have similar priorities with DST.

“We’re not just about stepping and strolling at parties,” Criss said. “We want people to see how much we do for the community and realize how important it is to us.”

Phi Beta Sigma

Promoting brotherhood, scholarship and service, the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity has been present on campus since Mar. 1, 2000. “Culture for service, service for humanity,” is the motto the organization lives by, according to the Vice President Niyaa Daniels. Brotherhood, scholarship and service are exactly what they emphasize most in their organization. PBS continues to participate in numerous community service programs like their three national programs: Bigger Better Business, Education and Social Action.

“We believe in putting education first,” PBS President Arion Duncan said. “Education is needed for life, and so PBS is an organization that lets you be who you are, while helping you grow academically.”

Phi Beta Sigma would like to tell interested freshmen not to allow fraternities to persuade them to join, but for them to research different fraternities first and see what fraternity will benefit them the most.

“We let people be who they want to be, and we don’t judge anybody,” Daniels said.

PBS will be having a social event on Sept. 23 and 24 where people can come out and have a good time. They will have a lot of fun events going on, including one of their favorites: stepping and strolling.

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