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Intramurals increase student involvement

The Intramural Sports program at Missouri Western State University provides an opportunity for all students to enjoy satisfying experiences according to their particular needs; which vary from highly competitive to recreational.

There are many intramural sports a student can participate in, varying from the always popular and competitive flag football to a more relaxed sport like bowling. Other available intramurals are powder puff football, billiards, kickball, badminton, volleyball, racquetball and dodge ball.

Recreational Services Facilities Director Wonda Berry said, “A student should play intramurals because it gets them engaged in the university experience itself. It gets them out of their dorms, and allows them to meet other students and extend their high school years of sports activity.”

For someone to sign up to play an intramural sport all one has to do is go to the Front Service Desk in the Looney Complex and fill out an entry form, stating what they’re wanting to take part in, if they need a team or already have assembled a team to do battle with.

This year the Recreational Services Department wants to appeal to everyone.They are going to try to have sports for students with disabilities so they too can have fun.

Some of these sports have to be modified to suit certain participant’s particular needs. But the people that run the Recreational Services Department say that will not even be a problem and that they love the challenges that are presented to them to try and satisfy everyone’s wishes.

Some of the sports that could possibly be in the works for people with disabilities to play are disk golf and wheelchair basketball. Here at Missouri Western, they really strive for there to be something for everyone that wants to partake in some activity.

“We want everyone to get the most out of their college experience,” Berry said.

Like most students that go out for intramural sports, many of them are excited to play if they’ve been a part of it in the past. As for the newcomers, they are not sure of what to really expect.

“I am ready to whip up on some people, I am ready to do work son!” Freshman Justin Berry, who plans to play flag football, said.

While some appear ecstatic, pumped up and ready to go, others seem a little hesitant and don’t know what to expect with what kind of experience an intramural sport will bring them.

“I wanted to play last year, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me or not; maybe I’ll go out this year.” Sophomore Neva Kidwell, who is thinking about playing volleyball, said.

Most of the intramural sports will take place on Monday-Thursday and usually will go from 5-10 p.m. So if you have the time to play, maybe you should give it a shot. You may find it to be one of your best experiences while you are in college.

Anyone that has any more questions should contact the Front Desk inside Looney Complex at (816) 271-5604.

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