Fashion show adds style and ‘stagger’ to runway

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At the annual Black Student Union fashion show, which occurred at the Eder fountain on Sept. 23, numerous people were eager to see the designs, the models, the performers and the catwalks. Roughly $300 in profit was made on the show, due to the support of the student organizations and numerous members of staff.

When dusk set in around 80 people were already sitting down in their chairs or mingling with other guests as they waited for the show to begin. Student Life Director, Isaiah Collier, and Administrative Coordinator for Vice President of Student Affairs, Kathy Kelly, were just a few administrators that left their offices to come see the show. Members of sorority Tri Sigma also arrived early so they can have a perfect seat before the show began. Tri Sigma member Theryn Johnson expressed her anticipation for the event, as she not only came to support the show, but also her sorority sister, model Charnelle Starling.

“This is my first time,” Johnson said. “I think fashion is really cool. I think it will be cool with the fountain and natural light.”

Johnson also includes what she personally likes about fashion.

“I like new styles. I want to see wild clothing: something people wouldn’t wear,” Johnson said.

Another audience member was Daniel Banks, who came to see some fashion and support his friends that were both models and the show’s side talent. The talent included a duo with drummer Daniel Cole and singer Mary Fulk, rapper Louis Erby and singer Christina Williams.

“I like fashion, designs and clothes,” Johnson said. “I’m an artsy person. I enjoy Oriental design and anything with bright colors.”

Banks, who has been to a few Missouri Western fashion shows, remembers how well last year’s BSU fashion show turned out, which was in Remington Hall.

“It was fun and well choreographed,” Banks said. “Though this show has a good outdoor feeling, I still like Remington better. This show is probably not going to top last year’s show.”

Though it might now have topped last year’s show, which had roughly 150 in attendance, it certainly brought new attention with new clothing styles, new talent and new designers. The show, which lasted about an hour, had roughly five segments, each with new clothing and new faces. The first segment included a dark theme, as all female models dressed in all black. This segment had a wide range of clothing from bathing suits to party outfits. The next segment was all males in an urban chic style. The next included fall clothing such as dresses and long pant rompers, and  the next segment included jeans and fancy accessories.

The final segment was party themed, with models in hot pink colors and mixed-and-matched skirts and tops. This was designed by 17-year-old designer Jimmy Rand. Rand not only featured these models in bright, attention grabbing clothing, but had them walk around the circular stage in a drunken fashion. Though it stunned the audience, it was the ultimate highlight of the show.

“I had an idea of different kind of scenes,” Rand said. “I had the drunk teacher who just came from work and is going out. Then I had a little girl who was getting drunk for the first time. She sees her older sister and they kind of have on the same outfit. Then I had a school girl. I just wanted to have different elements.”

Though the crowd might not have understood the concept, they certainly paid close attention to the models staggering so close to the water fountain that they almost slipped in. The models were also holding bottles that mimicked alcohol bottles, which added to the developed concept.

“I think they understood my concept because it was different,” Rand said.

Among the modeling and the talent that was showcased in between segments, the show’s urban concept and message of creativity was something the audience could definitely take home.

“My favorite thing about tonight’s show was to see everybody drunk,” Rand said jokingly. “Art is something I have a passion for and is something I want to do. To see me do it is kind of exciting. I accomplished one of my goals, which was to be in high school and have a fashion show in college.”

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