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Alison Norris, SGA President

Welcome back Missouri Western students.

This is a new year and a chance to be involved and make the most of your MWSU experience.

My name is Alison Norris and I am the Student Government Association President. I have been active in SGA since my sophomore year, first as a senator then as communications director and now as SGA President.

SGA will continue to follow our mission statement to be an advocate for the student body, enhance campus life and promote the image of the University. This year my goal is for SGA to not only pass legislation, but to take action and make a difference. I want SGA to not be judged by what we say we will do, but by what we accomplish and I think we are already to a great start.

Since being sworn in as SGA president in April last semester SGA senate has passed funding for a campus wide recycling program with the help of the campus organization SIFE that bill has resulted in recycle bins campus wide. This summer we continued to stay active as we promised by hosting a rally in support of our university and against state budget cuts. The rally had over 150 students in attendance as well as four state representatives. SGA also presented at each registration day about the importance of involvement, and presented at the faculty luncheon about how faculty and students can work together.

Now that school is back in session I have high hopes that we can do much more and with the help of dedicated students, truly make a positive impact on our university. We will continue to work diligently to serve you, by first listening and then taking action. I have confidence in our SGA officers, senate and Western Activities Council that this year will be very productive.

We will continue to seek student suggestions and feedback. Go to and post suggestions for us in our suggestion box.

Alison Norris
Missouri Western State University
President, SGA

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