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The lights dim. You look out to the pairs of eyes eagerly staring at you. Close your eyes. You now see you are at the top of a flight of stairs the voice says. Relieve all the tension in your body. You take a step down. Relax. Feel yourself melting away. Take a step down. You start to slip away. Another step. The word “sleep” sends you down further and further. You take another step. You hear giggling and clapping. The laughing and applause will only make you fall deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation…

“Hypnosis” is the Greek word for “sleep,” which is what Master Hypnotist Tony Lucero specializes in. Thanks to the Western Activities Council, Lucero was able to perform his comedic hypnotist show August 30 in the Kemper Recital Hall.

Lucero, who has been a master hypnotist for nine years, decided he wanted to study hypnotism after he met Michael Johns and was hypnotized during his comedic hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

“I was standing in line for the show and a guy tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was going to see his show,” Lucero said. “I said yes, and we started talking. After awhile, I told him that I’d love to learn how to do what he does, so he told me to come see him after the show”

“We became friends and [Johns] said ‘I’ll take you under my wing and I’ll teach you everything,’” Lucero said.

A determined Lucero practiced in the mirror, on his three kids and wife, and even on his dog. Three months later, Lucero was on the road full time performing comical hypnosis acts in places like Los Angeles, New York and even Las Vegas where he had first seen Johns.

Most recently, it was Missouri Western’s turn to get a hilarious taste of Lucero’s hypnotism. Lucero, who considers himself more as an entertainer than just a hypnotist, kicked off the show by explaining what he does and allowing volunteers to come on the stage.

“I don’t have ‘powers’ or a ‘hypnotic spell.’ What I do is I guide you to a state of relaxation,” Lucero said.

There were 10 students total on stage were hypnotized, but several members of the audience became hypnotized as well. Lucero encourages people in the crowd to participate.

“Sometimes my best people come from my audience,” Lucero said. “That person you’re sitting next to could be the rock star of the show.”

Speaking of rock stars, Lucero told the 10 students they were celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, The Spice Girls and DJ Kasamota. With wigs and props, the students danced to their singer’s songs appropriately (including Jackson’s unforgettable moonwalk and the “worm”) as they played randomly through the segment.

Not only did the students’ dance moves keep the crowd enticed, so was their subconscious willingness to cling to each other for warmth when Lucero painted the picture in their minds that they were on a beach with 165 degree weather to 20 degrees.

Although they may have held on to each other for warmth, they might not recollect it like student Alex Whitaker.

“I know I was on a beach, and then I remember people cheering, but that’s about it,” Whitaker said.

Lucero stated that being under hypnosis is like having a dream, waking up from it and trying to recall all of it- it’s not easy. Student Deraan Washington could only recall certain things toward the end of the show, but what she anticipates is an easy night of sleep.

“I’ve always heard that when you get hypnotized that you get the best sleep that night so I’m looking forward to that for sure,” Washington said.

Not only did Lucero give the students the power to relax deeply, he also left them with good fortune.

“I’m going to leave you with something in your mind so you have an amazing year and whatever you’re trying to accomplish this year will happen very easy for you.”

Check out Lucero on YouTube and keep an eye out for his new reality show “The Pyramid Thing” which is about six entrepreneurs who change lives.

Photos by Dave Hon

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