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Griffon Hall brings new life to campus

Before students plan on renewing their leases for off-campus apartments for the Fall semester, they may want to reconsider living on campus, as Griffon Hall, the new dormitory for students 21 and up, will provide everything that an apartment can.

            Griffon Hall Residence Director Danny Thompson feels that Griffon Hall is almost better than an apartment in that students have more security and better attractions then the average apartment.

“Parents and students looking for a clean, secure living community will not be able to match the amenities and security found in Griffon Hall,” Thompson said. “Griffon Hall has a fitness center, fully functional conference room with audio visual equipment, two 70 inch televisions, furnished rooms, computer stations and 24 hour security camera coverage. Each room has a full size bed, dresser, desk and build in closet.”

According to Thompson, before Griffon Hall was approved, the college took time to provide what students were desiring and suggesting in a residence through out the past few semesters.

“I think Griffon Hall will be very popular for those upper-class students looking for an apartment experience but want to live close to campus,” Thompson said. “Griffon Hall is far above an off campus apartment. Utilities, cable and internet are included along with the laundry and weight room in the building. There is also a community that you just cannot get in an off-campus apartment. Residents will get to know each other and see in other in class and will hopefully build relationships that last beyond the college years.

According to Thompson, Griffon Hall is not quite full, and there are quite a full rooms still available.

“I think once students see the inside they will want to live there, and we will have little problem filling the building,” Thompson said. “At this point, we are almost at capacity and I see no issues in filling the building in the years to come.”

Griffon Hall Residental Assistant Brandon Bernhardt explains his excitement for the new hall.

“Griffon Hall with be a great addition to Missouri Western,” Bernhardt said. “It is an exciting, new opportunity.”  

Juda Residental Assistant Jessica Criss, feels that Griffon Hall will also amaze students, once students move in and see the interior.

“Griffon Hall is still under construction, but what I have seen looks amazing. I think students will be pleased. It’s very unique from the six halls.




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