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SGA Senate Roster Nearly Full

The roster for student senators was nearly filled at the SGA meeting last Monday night. Andrea Vaccaro, Christopher Peterson, and Julie Hodson were voted in office as senators. Nineteen of the twenty senate positions are now filled. President, Alison Norris also announced the appointment of Noah Green as SGA communications director.

“Noah was a passionate senator,” Norris said. “He showed that he would be dedicated to the position.” Green originally applied for the student relations position, but Norris felt he was better qualified for communications and convinced him to take the position.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Esther Peralez reported to the SGA the expenses of her budget which totals 20 percent of the total SGA budget. These monies are set aside each year to operate the office of student affairs. Each year the Vice President for Student Affairs is committed to bring a report showing how the money has been spent. Not all of last year’s money has been spent but Peralez has pledged that it will go for the causes that assist students most.

The SGA members voted to approve the purchase of paint for Downs Drive. This summer it will begin to show a little more school spirit with the addition of paw prints and the school mascot painted on its surface. “We approved it because it will show school spirit and get students excited,” Norris said.

Norris’ resolution requiring campus organizations to attend the presidential leadership council’s monthly meetings failed in a seven-to-three vote after some of the senators left the meeting to meet other obligations. “We are going to bring it back up after some more research and planning,” Norris said. “I still feel that organizations need instructions about what we expect before we finance their plans. The resolution is designed to keep organizations more active and involved in the process.”

“I was very surprised that the notice of action failed,” Vice President of Financial Planning, Nick McCutcheon said. He explained that the proposed legislation required that one designated member from each club and organization attend a monthly president’s leadership council meeting. If a club or organization failed to meet the requirement their status as a recognized organization could have been suspended or revoked. “All that means is that that they would not have been eligible for SGA funding or other resources we provide,” McCutcheon said.

SGA provides clubs and organizations with up to $7,500 each per year. “I don’t think it was too much to ask to require one member from each to attend not more than nine meetings a year in return for that,” McCutcheon said.

Part of the training given to students at the president’s leadership council is for Orgsync a software program students paid for to assist organizations in working together.  “We are trying to show the importance of leadership,” SGA Vice President Jacob Scott said. “I’m not upset that it didn’t pass and I’m looking forward to making it clearer and better understood throughout SGA so I will pass next time. Students should be excited about going to the leadership council it is an honor to be chosen to represent your organization and get this training.”

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