Western encouraged to take opportunities

Editorial Opinion

A wise man once said,” It’s very strange when the life you never had flashes before your eyes.” Imagine the greatest career of your life suddenly passing you by and being given to your peers. Imagine missing out on a job that pays ten figures and a chance to live life comfortably, completely debt free. The sole reason for not being able to live this great life is because of not taking advantage of one small word during your college years. That word is opportunity.

While in college, it is your complete responsibility to take advantage of every opportunity possible. Rather it means doing multiple internships, graduating with a major and a minor, staying in school longer to obtain the future you always dreamed of, or being apart of an organization that will help you get the exposure you need, a student must make the proper choices to get them where they need to go. Griffon News is one of those opportunities. We want you to take this opportunity and join the Griffon News.

Being on the Griffon News helps you get exposure as your work will be published and read by thousands of people. It will be something to add to a resume and will help you gain a work experience that is still in a classroom. For Convergent Media, English: Public Relations and English: Journalism majors it is a required course. Yet for Illustration, Animation, Photography, Graphic Design, Speech Communications, English: Literature, Marketing, Business and Communications: Public Relations Majors, it is an opportunity to show your true skills in the field you are choosing for your future.

Though some might say they have no time for a course like this and feel that other opportunities might be a better fit, a student should first consider the specifics. JOU 210 is only a Monday and Wednesday course from 1:00 to 1:50. The assignments include composing stories and/or graphics for the desk of your choice. A student has an opportunity to write on any desk, or multiple desks if they wish. If they continue on the Griffon News, they can apply to be an editor where they will get paid while having the course as well.

If any student has a desire to interview, design, take photos, draw cartoons, communicate with others or be apart of a campus organization that reaches multiple students every week, then they should enroll in JOU 210 and give the newspaper a chance. Every semester the Griffon News looks for new people to bring some different aspect to the newspaper. Whether it’s a different face, a new program, a unique style or all of the above, Griffon News desires something new every semester. Maybe your skills could be exactly what the newspaper is looking for.

Students should always remember that opportunity establishes growth, exposure and an advantage over the average. When it comes to a career, a college degree is a given; most people will have one. Yet, experience will more then likely be the factor that gets the job. So, use Griffon News as a way to get that experience and eventually get that job. So instead of life passing you by, you will be basking in its ambiance.


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