Rocking to go green.


Missouri Western State University was rocking Earth Day in a day early at Blum student Union with Earthstock 2011.

Students in Free Enterprise held the Earthstock function, as way to get the community involved with recycling and sustainability April 18. The Western Activities Council and the Student Government Association also provided funding for Earthstock.

The students in SIFE decided this year they wanted to start recycling on campus.  

“We wanted to do something that would make an impact with college students and music we thought would that,” Vicky Pike said.

Earthstock had five bands playing: Marcus Words, Operation fear, Antennas Up, Dsodean and Tommy and the High Pilots. The bands played for an hour with speakers in between sets.

“This is a great idea to raise awareness,” Jennifer Kepner said. Marcus Word opened the event.

Two of the speakers at the event where Shelly Cox from the Department of Conservation, and Andrea George with the Remington Nature Center. “The Missouri Department of Transportation spent over $5 million in your tax dollars cleaning up litter last year, when you litter it cost you money,” Cox said.

Earthstock provided free food and water bottles for those who attending while supplies lasted. Students and faculty were present for the event, which was open to the general public also.

There were also different booths set up. The Remington Nature Center had a booth really took to the theme displaying bird feeders out of recycled plastic jugs.

Riverside Church was handing out seeds for their part of Earthstock. Riverside church and SIFE are partnering on a community garden.  

Bright Disposal was also there. SIFE is hoping to partner with Bright Disposal to get recycling on campus. Bright disposal offers recycling to its current customers.

There were people of all ages in attendance for Earthstock enjoying the available festivities.

“This is fun,” 10-year-old Chris Kepner said.

“The best part is the bands,” 11-year-old William Kepner said.

The event tried to do the least amount of environmental damage, while attempting to recycle or reuse most of what was used for the event.  The event only printed 40 flyers and all of which are scheduled to be recycled after the event.

SIFE was awarded two grants to help sustainability on campus and in the community. One grant was from Lowes and the other was from Sam’s Club.

 The city of St. Joseph offers recycling. The Recycling Center is located at 3405 S. Belt. The hours of operation are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information you can contact the center at 232-4401.

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