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Redbox Review: Thought provoking sci-fi film entertains

Are we alone in the universe? Whether or not you are a sci-fi buff or one of those who believes we are not alone should check out the movie “Monsters.”
Written and directed by new comer Gareth Edwards (Hiroshima; In the Shadow of the Moon), the film is an entertaining watch.
Starring Scoot McNairy and his stunningly beautiful real-life wife Whitney Able, this science fiction drama takes place in present day Central America.
The film picks up a few years after a satellite designed to collect samples breaks apart over Mexico upon its reentry to Earth.
“Transpermian” life forms quickly reproduce and most of Mexico is turned into a quarantined area that’s crawling with killer extraterrestrials.
McNairy plays Andrew, a photo journalist, who is reluctantly charged with getting his boss’s daughter Samantha (Able) safely back to the United States.
After missing the last ferry to the U.S., the two are forced to either travel through the quarantined infected zone or remain trapped in Mexico for the next six months.
The two choose pay guides to lead them through the very dangerous quarantined zone to the American border.
What lies ahead for them is no easy task and they are sure to have some close encounters of many kinds. Their journey is bound to be action packed but one question remains, can they reach the border before being killed by the menacing extraterrestrials?
Although the film’s special effects were underwhelming, the two stars McNairy and Able make up for it with their excellent acting.
As their adventure unfolds the two begin to grow intimately closer to one another. Their romance grows naturally, probably because they are husband and wife off-screen. The two refer to this movie shoot as their honeymoon.
McNairy is a seasoned actor and has appeared in many movies and television shows. Some of the most notable television shows include “Bones” and “C.S.I.”
McNairy has been in some major movies but often receives small roles. His lead role in “Monsters” lets his acting flourish. I expect some big things from McNairy’s acting career in the future. For his role in “Monsters,” McNairy won best actor from the British Independent Film Awards.
Able is fairly new to acting, and has been limited in her roles. She was ranked #83 in Maxim Magazines hottest 100 female celebrities in 2010.
Able saw most of her acting work in 2010. She has seemingly natural acting abilities that make her a very likeable character.
One thing that I find disappointing about the film is the lack of up close shots of the aliens. They are often encountered in the dark and it’s very hard to see much detail.
The aliens are very generic in the vague appearance given and seem to merely resemble giant squids that flicker like a jellyfish.
Given this film had an extremely low budget of $800,000, the finished product was worth every penny. The movie has a very serious vibe and is not your typical cheesy low budget sci-fi film.
Because of the strong acting by McNairy and Able, I would rate this film a solid 7 out of 10.

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