NCAA Basketball, Football are over while baseball continues

Commentary Opinion

With the NCAA Basketball tournament ending on Monday with a Connecticut victory over Butler; the major sports are winding down, soon having baseball the only thing to tune into on television.

The University of Connecticut beat Butler on Monday to win the national title. This victory was a great win for Uconn, but it finished up college basketball for the year; so the season ended in a bittersweet moment.

The other major sports that stopped a while ago are the National Football League and college football. These two sports ratings were through the roof every week, along with the controversy that followed. The NBA started a month after these two sports began and also college basketball.

America watched all the major sports at one point this year but slowly the major sports were ending. Now the only sport that remains that is on the top of everyone’s watch list is the NBA. The NBA is another sport that will be ending soon, leaving baseball as the last major sport to watch.

The game of baseball is very complicated for a lot of people to grasp, so it is boring to a good number of people. Not only is it hard to understand, but the game is very long for many people to watch throughout the whole game. 9 innings along with each team getting a turn in that inning, can mean the game could go more than 3 hours each game. Those other major sports that I talked about earlier have an easier concept, and it is not as hard to learn. Baseball has many different categories, not just home runs, but that is the only category someone people know who don’t watch the sport. People who don’t even watch football and basketball get the sport more than any other sport because of the simplicity. In basketball you score points in the basket, and steal the ball and block shots. In football you score touchdowns and intercept the ball. My point is that it is easy to understand these two games, so people are more inclined to watch.

The game of baseball has rich tradition with some of its players like Hank Aaron (the former home run king, and Babe Ruth (the original home run king). The game today has evolved from having a rich tradition, to questions about its many athletes who are now accused of using steroids. This in itself has turned away many people, even the die-hard fans. The negativity is too high in baseball right now, and Barry Bonds (the current home run king) is now in a legal battle because he has been accused of steroid use. His battle is now in a court room to clear his name. Even if his name is cleared, people have already made up in their minds that baseball will never be the same, fan or not.

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