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Humboldt Elementary is Murals for Minds recipient.

Missouri Western’s community outreach program Murals for Minds, sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Griffon Art Society, will be held at Humboldt Elementary School April 2. Registration is from 9-10 a.m. All volunteers are welcome.

Murals for Minds is a program where volunteers paint murals on walls of schools throughout the St. Joseph community.

“We are helping train future leaders of St. Joseph and showing them the importance of giving back,” SGA Director of Communication Alison Norris said.

The selection process was done differently this year.  Humboldt Elementary School was chosen by the SGA because of its need, the school’s enthusiasm and its rich history. Ex Officio of Student Development Kathy Kelly told Humboldt Elementary School the news.

“I have never felt more welcome,” Kelly said. “I felt like we were walking in to hand them a check for the lottery because they were so excited that we had chosen their school.”

 SGA is working with Humboldt’s student council, which is actively involved in the project. Joanna Miranda is one of the 24 student council members at Humboldt, and she is excited about helping with Murals for Minds.

“I think is a really good opportunity, and it’s really good for us to communicate with students from other schools and college students,” Miranda said.

Norris has been a part of Murals for Minds since it started last year.

“We are turning it into a tradition not only because it is giving back, but a lot of people are enjoying getting involved,” Norris said. “The community and Missouri Western are working together on a project.

When principal of Humboldt Jeremy Burright was approached about the idea of Murals for Minds, he sent the idea to the student council and let them decide if they wanted the opportunity.

“They are excited. It’s going to be so cool. They are totally pumped about it,” Burright said.

The nine murals will be painted in the stairway landings, the main entrance and around the kindergarten class rooms.

 “The murals are colorful and are something for them to look at. It makes their school environment so much better,” Norris said.

 Five of the murals will be the school’s slogans, which are to: have respect, act responsible, work together, keep safe and soar to success.

Humboldt Student Council Sponsor Robin Rother has been communicating the student council’s ideas to SGA.

“The kids came up with some sayings they thought would be cool to have painted in the school,” Rother said.

Humboldt is not inviting the whole student body to participate because waivers have to be signed and students need adult supervision. To take part in this event you must send a waiver, and if you are a child you must be accompanied by an adult. Waivers will be available the morning of April 2nd. All participants must be registered by 10 a.m. SGA is providing free t-shirts to the first 200 volunteers. There will also be a morning snacks and pizza for lunch. Any of the snacks left over will be donated to Humboldt’s Backpack Buddy program.

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