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Griffon Art Society celebrates student talent

Missouri Western’s Griffon Art Society will be hosting their first annual art show from April 1 to May 3. Submitted pieces will be shown on Remington’s second floor, above Einstein Bros.’ Bagels from 6-9 p.m. The show is not restricted merely to Society members. Any Western student may create a piece and submit it, and all community members and students are welcome to attend the showing.

Behind the scenes of this event is junior Alexandra Dalsing. Dalsing is a print making major who is also a member of the Art Society. The exhibition was her idea.

“If you volunteer to do something, they give it to you to do all by yourself,” Dalsing said.

Each entrant must pay a $5 fee; however, they can enter up to three pieces with this payment.

“I wanted to do something to earn money so students can enter other exhibitions or buy art supplies,” Dalsing said.

Pieces will be judged and winners will be picked by three faculty members. Western’s president and provost will name the best in show. There are six different categories to be judged: painting, drawing, digital media, 2D mixed media, sculpture and photography. The first place winners of each category will receive financial assistance.

Drawing and 2D design instructor Eric Fuson is also working with the society for this event. He is the Art Society’s faculty sponsor.

“We’re hoping to give the art students a chance to get some exposure,” Fuson said. “We want to get them out of Potter and into the community.”

Fuson commends Dalsing and all the other GAS members on their hard work toward making this event successful.

Art students are quickly finishing their projects and preparing them for the show by the March 28 deadline. Digital animation major Sarah Gordon will be entering a piece she just recently decided to put in.

“It’s a great way for us to show off our artwork,” Gordon said. She thinks the show will be a good experience for students in their field.

Once the show ends, Dalsing would like to keep a few of the pieces on display in Remington. She wants the show, and art in general, to be something the whole community can enjoy.

“Hopefully it will expand to others, even non-art majors,” Dalsing said.

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