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Board of Governors Meeting

The Board of Governors meeting was held last Wednesday, Feb. 23 at Missouri Western in Blum Union, room 220.

The meeting was hardly debatable, with more of reports coming from the administration than anything. Reports were included from Jeanne Daffron, Mel Klinkner, Jerry Pickman and Esther Peralez.

Daffron, provost and vice president for academic affairs, spoke about the students attending Western. She said that college students between the ages of 23 and 29 are up 11 percent and students over 29 are up 10 percent.

“Students are up 5.4 percent in overall credit hours,” Daffron said.

Klinkner, vice president of financial planning and administration, gave his financial report. He also stated that the new Spring Sports Complex is ready for use and talked about Agenstein/Remington addition.

“All the income looks great at this point,” Klinkner said. “(Now) they should have most of (the planetarium) complete.”

There will be some drops from non-payment things, however. Due to the amount of construction, Western has dropped some amount of money. The gross will drop from $18 million to $15 million as of right now.

“Cash will be a little bit less even though we’re up in enrollment,” Klinkner said.

Student Governor Peter Gregory talked for a little while about the trip to the Great Northwest Day in Jefferson City. He said that the trip was very productive and that it was a lot of fun. He couldn’t have had as much fun when addressing the board about his next topic: the highly debatable tobacco free policy.

“We are still working on the tobacco-free policies,” Gregory said. “We’ve been working with all the groups on campus and organizations so hopefully the students will decide.”

The policy will be submitted on Feb. 28 and from there on will move to the student body to vote. Once they approve it then it will move on to the final vote.

The last part of the meeting President Vartabedian addressed the members and the people to talk about not only the budget but also what the University is bringing to campus the upcoming months.

Vartabedian said that he appeared in front of the committee to talk about budget cutting and that it could be worse.

“We’re feeling really encouraged of a less encouraged feeling,” Vartabedian said.

Upcoming events scheduled that are coming to Western will be Galileo’s Leagacy, date TBD, new faculty luncheons and also on the calender for early March will be the MIAA Basketball Tournament and the musical theatre performance “Phantom” which opens Thursday, Mar. 3.

Among the first items the meeting brought was an advertisement for the play “Phantom” by Tee Quillin, director of the play, who says it will be a great show.

“It is quite possibly the largest production I’ve been involved with,” Quillin said.”A lot of departments have been involved in helping make this happen.”

Some departments Quillin mentioned were chemistry, math, choir and athletics.

“They jumped in with both feet kicking,” Quillin said. Vartabedian believes everybody should watch it as well.

“We’re hoping for a successful outcome,” Vartabedian said.

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