Two top SGA officials resign


About three weeks ago both Keisha Caldwell, SGA vice president for Western Activities Council and Robin Ussher, SGA executive vice president, resigned from their respective positions.

Both Caldwell and Ussher said that they were informed by SGA President Dillon Harp and SGA Administrative Assistant Kathy Kelly that they did not meet the academic requirements, specifically GPA.

Harp said that clauses in the constitution outline that students in both of these positions must meet a minimum GPA requirement.

Currently, both positions remain empty. Britney Taylor, current vice chair for WAC, has unofficially taken over Caldwell’s duties. Since some of the senators have been recently appointed and aren’t familiar with Taylor, Senate tabled a vote to promote her to Vice President of WAC in closed session on Feb. 14.

Ussher was previously responsible for presiding over Student Senate. Parliamentarian Jacob Scott now operates as presiding officer, as the constitution outlines.

Former executive Vice President Robin Ussher (left) and former Vice President for WAC Keisha Caldwell vacated their positions three weeks ago.

“I am confident that all the senators would be able to step into the position, but that’s not my authority to do so, that’s Dillion’s authority,” Scott said. “As Parliamentarian, I could easily work with someone that is a senator to get them up to the level where they could fill the position, but at this time I have not been asked to do so.”

Caldwell is coming to terms with what has happened and is trying to put it behind her as she pursues other interests. Caldwell has served on WAC for nearly 2 and a half years, serving as Vice President for the last year and a half.

“I’m happy where I am now and I think it’s time for me to take some time off of WAC,” Caldwell said. “I worked my way from being a member of WAC to a Director, Vice President and President. I worked hard to get where I was with WAC. I still have a heart for student activities, but it is time for someone else to take the reins.”

Ussher said that she saw the writing on the wall and chose to relinquish the position rather than wait to be removed.

“I resigned,” Ussher said. “I didn’t want to resign, but it was something that needed to be done. I chose to step down because if I didn’t, I would have, probably, been removed from my position because of academic requirements.”

Ussher and Caldwell were receiving scholarships for their positions in SGA. According to Ussher, scholarships are relinquished once the person resigns from their position. The scholarships remain in the SGA budget, but have not been dispersed to any students. Once the positions are filled, the scholarships will be dispersed to those students.

Caldwell has taken a position as a program assistant in the Center for Multicultural Education. She works under the leadership of Tay Triggs with another program assistant Leah Hayes.

“Keisha is doing great,” Hayes said. “She has been involved in CME for a long time. We have the same responsibilities but each of us has different tasks.”

Ussher recently performed in “The Vagina Monologues,” which was directed by Mallory Edson.

“Robin did an amazing job in the show,” Edson said. “Her monologue was one of the most racy in the show and she took it on with full force, and was never scared to give everything she had in her to the show.”

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